Socialism is a path to Racism, the Darkside

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  1. A realization I seem to have come to .. early enough.

    Now that I look at it .. nearly EVERY single left-wing party in this country (New Zealand) seems to spout the same anti-immigrant bullshit .. which goes along the lines of:

    "We are importing these low-skilled workers to pick our fruit for low wages, when we could be employing New Zealanders and getting them off their asses to do the same job .. for high wages!"

    Dude, that's missing the point. An underpaid fruit-picker isn't STEALING your job - if anything, he's making it cheaper for you to live, so you get to work less.

    If it makes you feel any better, that Philipino fruit-picker is gonna be replaced by a robot ... I'd say within the next decade.

    And why are we glorifying these fucking menial jobs, anyway? Why aren't we glorifying becoming a computer-scientist, becoming an astronaut .. curing cancer .. curing AIDS? Getting us to Mars? Inventing the flying car?

    Be GLAD that those fruit-picking bastards are taking your job. It gives them an escape from their shitty nightmare living situations in their home countries .. while giving you the opportunity to move on to do something else. And Like I said, it's not gonna last long, either. We need to move on. Say goodbye to those coal-mining, fruit-picking, ditch-digging, burger-flipping shitty jobs .. we should be exploring the mysteries of the universe, we can do better than that.

    Seems like the only party who are pro-immigration and pro-free markets are National .. the ultimate conservative right-wing party.. and tragically enough, it's the only reason people are hating on them.

    No, you don't hate immigrants - you're just feeling sorry for yourself and too dumb to come up with 21st century solutions to 21st century problems. Socialism is for self-pitying losers.

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  2. is this the country that last month

    had 'mall shelf fillers' as an ideal job vacancy for immigrants ..?

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  3. I'd say so.
  4. It's rather funny how it got this way. Right-wingers in America, at least .. are the ones who are concerned with immigrants depriving US-born citizens from their jobs .. while preaching about the evils of communism and multiculturalism.

    It all seems to do with the Welfare state, in the end. New Zealanders and Australians have some of the most generous welfare-systems in the world. . we couldn't imagine living without welfare. We're addicted to welfare.

    However, if there's one thing right and left can agree with .. it's that the welfare system has been a failure, because it is easy to cheat, and creates imbalance and social division ... Us vs. Them.

    The proposed Universal Basic Income isn't necessarily a more generous welfare system than the one we have.. it won't give you more money if you spend it all on booze and drugs. It just gives you enough so you don't end up on the streets, but we all know that it won't be sustainable to have people sleeping rough and being jobless - because, ironically enough .. that's how you get these nasty communist revolutions.

    So In a way, UBI is the only way to safe-guard against communism.. and free-markets are the only way to safe-guard against racism and neo-nazism.

    I don't think immigrants will be flocking by the masses to this country if we had a UBI. People might argue that Sweden is an example of how desperate war-fleeing refugees follow the money .. but I mean, Sweden just so happened to be geographically convenient for these people. Refugees were flooding all of Europe.. and that's mainly the result of warfare in their home countries, worsened by US military intervention in these areas.

    New Zealand is an island, it's expensive to get here.. and the Oceans surrounding us are deadly.
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  5. Regarding the topic of refugees, again - A lot of countries that take refugees also do so with government-funded programs. I'm against those programs being government-funded.. I think it should be up to private charities to sort out the refugee crisis.. and I think they'll do a far better job at it, without breeding resentment.
  6. Isn't Ubi a form of market socialism?
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  7. I wouldn't say the American left is particularly anti immigrant
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  8. Socialism/Marxism pushes the idea of the oppressor and the oppressed in every social aspect
  9. Charles Dickens was one of the worst.
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  10. their racism is a different angle.
  11. Same can be said about any political ideology.. Really.
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  12. Man.. This whole election just makes me want to throw up.

    If it werent for their War on Drugs id vote National. See.. The war on drugs isnt just a violation of Human rights.. Its also keeping people from getting jobs due to the Cannabis drug tests. (That said.. I could pass a drug test fine.. I dont show up to work/college drunk or stoned. I dont ride stoned. I dont do any drugs before 6pm other than coffee. )

    We really need a Libertarian party. Our previous one recently disappeared. We need a New Libertarian Party.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. It is about as socialist as roads are.. So it really depends on your perspective.

    No reason why we cant have roads and a Ubi.. Military .. Police force.. In a free market economy. Taxation isnt theft.. Its the Rent you pay.. The insurance you pay to live in your country and benefit from sleek roads and peace of mind.
  15. Short answer, yes lol but you agree with that side of socialism then?

    Or were you being sarcastic in your op?
  16. I also think Ubi would be a more sane welfare reform.

    With the current welfare system.. You have gang members getting free dental work because they had their teeth knocked out.

    Just a few weeks ago.. One of our members of parliamnt admitted to committing 50,000$ worth of welfare fraud in the past. Its very corrupt. Either everyone should get it or nobody should. The latter would put half the country on the streets.. Which is why the former is the answer.
  17. I think youll find most political ideologies have areas in which they blend together. Communism for example could be thought of as Monopoly rule.. One corporation seizing control of all business and then keeping profits for themselves.. As seen in North Korea with the cake munching bastards.

    Roads and fire brigades do not require seizing the means of production.. So while it is funded by wealth redistribution.. It is far too widespread and universal to even deserve the label of socialism.

    Nothing is black or white.. But i guess words do matter.
  18. you know, one thing, or a few things you leave out here, is that its not just about jobs in america. And it certainly isn't about that throughout europe as well. Its about culture. There have been a dramatic cultural shift across europe and it certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it. The people who are immigrating have a responsibility to assimilate themselves to the host country. Not start social justice bullshit.

    And as far as illegals, I'll be honest. I'm shocked that the EU, being such a socialist haven, was so open with their borders for that reason. Hell, in some countries they are paying them unemployment. I believe sweden had even been footing the bill for combatants to go back to fight for isis. The money all comes from somewhere.

    I don't understand how anyone could advocate for the unwatched and unchecked immigration after watching europe burn the last year and a half. That is insanity in my eyes, for sure.
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  19. This quora link has good answers explaining why Ubi isnt socialism:

    In effect.. Ubi gives people at the bottom more spending power and financial autonomy. They are free to spend it how they choose. It does not require the seizure of private property or the means of production.. Rather.. The means of production are taxed.. But taxation has been around for millenia. George Washington introduced the Whiskey tax.. As soon as the american revolution was over. I would liken it more to a form of compulsory Insurance.
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  20. Open borders wasnt what caused the problem. Americas overseas war on terror caused the refugee crisis.. And also the reeluctance of nearby countries to take in their fair share.. Including the US. Youd think theyd at least take in some refugees to apologize for bombing the hell out of the region and funding rebels and more terrorists.
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