Social Isolation- Bad way to live?

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  1. other than once a week or every once in awhile when I have friends come up I tend to spend most of my time alone and I'm wondering if it's a bad way to live?

    I also find that when I make the effort to hang out with people I'm not close with, it seems kind of pointless in a way and people tend to just watch sports and do uninteresting things.

    I feel that I need a girl friend or something but don't really care to party and all that jazz.:confused:

    maybe I should get out more, but then again maybe not.:confused:

    I find that I get socially akward pretty easily too
  2. The best way to meet people is to get involved in something you enjoy away from home. That way, you will be involved with people you share a common interest with.

    If you can't easily think of anything like that, try seeing what your current friends do in their spare time. They are your friends, I'm sure they would like for you to join them.

    I'm sure you are a likeable person. Just remember, its all about being real and honest with other people. Trying too hard wont fool or impress anyone!

    Cheers! :wave:
  3. I feel the same way bro, I need a gf too, and the reason im home most too is because of sketchy friends... :eek:

  4. Thanks. I do have a few close friends but no one that lives in my town.. I moved around 5-6 years ago and have hated this town ever since... weed is my best friend where I live..

    I'm not too interested things outside of, indie music, weed, films, and skateboarding.... but maybe that's a good thing, to be able to enjoy myself when I'm not around people........but at the same time I do feel a bit anti-social when I just go about my day without really talking to anyone......................

    not sure where I'm going with this, anyone else in a situation like this?

  5. There are some blazers I know that are way too sketchy, I know what you mean....:smoke:
  6. After my dad died, I got too into the computer where the computer was my life. At one point, I got so far as to doing things on the computer one shouldn't, I got in legal trouble. I felt like I was coming off an addiction. I love the computer but I get addicted to it and I live on it practically. I've learned to be more social and whatnot since then because the was I was living was pathetic. My life has drasitcally increased in fun and happyness.
  7. dude i feel the same way, i cant wait for school to start back up so i can meet some new people, my friends now are great but their lives revolve around bud. since i stopped smoking for a while i got less and less phone calls. i REALLY need to find me a gf cuz its been over two months since i last got laid.

  8. I have the same type of lifestyle as you. I hang out with my friends like maybe twice a week, and we usually go to the beach and smoke, and I see the girlfriend once a week but besides that I'm chilling at home watching movies or playing guitar. I have had social anxiety for years, and am currently on xanax for it. Thank you doctor. ;]
    For the part about having a girlfriend, dont think that if you get a girlfriend you will have to be out partying all the time. My girlfriend and I are complete opposites, I like to stay in, and shes always out partying with her friends, but it works. She makes me go out once and awhile, and I make her relax and stay in once and awhile, its a good balance.
  9. I'm the same way. Most people I meet just piss me off. Heres my belief. People just don't want to make friends. Or they won't share a conversation with you. Like they'll let you do all the talking and shit. Its fucked up. I got 2 real friends and family and its all I need.
  10. me and the girlfriend live the same way. we never go out or socialize unless it is with
    family. we go to concerts and camp every now and then but we like to chill at home.
    we like it here. safe and comfortable.
  11. i find it to be boring

    so i try to get out there more

    but it's not a bad way if you like it
  12. i live the same way man, i just chill by myself 95% of the time.. i dont feel like a loser or anything, i just prefer me time

    i could use a girlfriend, but i dont really desire one or want one, sure it'd be nice, but i dont care either way i'm equally content

    plus with the price of gas and me being broke, it saves alot of money not to go out with friends and spend money/drive around/ go out to eat
  13. I can't wait to get back to school soon, I've spent alot of time alone this summer
  14. it's good to know alot of blazers are the same way. Better to enjoy yourself than hang out with people you don't enjoy. I am curious if this a weed thing or just part of getting older. (I'm 20)

    Blaze On~~~~~~~
  15. I stay inside almost every day. Reason being my friends have let weed take over there lives and there grimy little fiends. In the long run its a good thing and a bad thing. Staying inside you dont have to worry about the fuzz or getting robbed, but then again staying inside you miss out on chilling. But whats the point in chilling if the kids your chilling with arent chill...yahdig?
  16. I go outside to skateboard alot and that's fucking nice, maybe I should start skateing with people sometimes. :)

    it is kind of annoying when people will smoke weed every 30 minutes, i cut down alot and i feel way more alive but still have the highs every night to look forward to
  17. Once school starts and I'm at my apartment, I too live mostly in isolation. If it's a weekend and there is football on I may not talk to anyone, perhaps a phone call here or there. I try to focus on my studies, and at some point in the day, toke up :smoke:

    Social anxiety blows, I find weed helps me a lot. The script my doctor gave me just kinda makes me numb and slow. But yeah, I know what ya mean on social isolation, it prolly isn't good, but I feel it allows one to be comfortable with yourself, get to know yourself better. Weed time can be self-reflecting time.

    When I saw the topic on this thread, I had to make sure I didn't start it, it seemed like the exact question I was wondering about lol. Like "negligent" said, I prefer me time. And it does save money.
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    Thats why I dont have a girlfriend most people get bored so easily they just cant chill. I need to meet a girl who can actually chill without texting on her phone every 2 minutes making more plans for the day. I dont know how people can live like that it must be so stressful.

    I agree with the saving money part all of my friends get payed as much or more as I do and they blow there paycheques within 3 or 4 days when i can keep 1 paycheck for 3 months easily. My buddies are always going on about how someday im going to be rich because I never spend money unless absolutely necessary. I have no need to spend the money really and most of my friends just buy weed with there money when I havent baught bud in years because I learned to chillout and grow.

    I dig Bwood I had the same problem about 2 years ago.
  19. I did this for can get pretty lonely not having anybody to talk to or hang out with, but then again, it can be better in many ways than having material friendships with people. There's nothing worse than realizing you don't really like your friends, and that they're just the people you associate with.

    I've heard that if you can count three good friends that you have, you're very well off.
  20. Social isolation isn't a bad thing at all, man. Society controls and influences so many things on the mind. Subtle things. Things that make people seem like something that can be cut out of cookie dough. Cookie-cutter human beings.

    Being alone, and away from society helps keep you individualistic. It helps you stay true to yourself, and away from all the bullshit out there. It's better to be alone, and enjoy yourself than to surround yourself with people you dont enjoy only for comfort.

    Given, it is unhealthy to be alone all the time.. but there is a healthy medium.

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