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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by *guest, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Are there any notification settings for the Social Groups that I just can't find?

    It would be sweet if there was some way to be alerted of new posts in one of the groups your part of. Something like the subscribe feature, or the new thing that tells you when there's a message on your page.

    Am I just missing it or does it not exist?

    And if it doesn't, is it a possibility?

    Thanks in advance. :smoke:

    Love all the new features, btw. :hello:
  2. can som1 explain this social grouping thing
  3. They're like a mini club with a small forum.
  4. And we wear Members Only jackets

  5. And capes. Don't forget the capes.
  6. I got a cool pen with my name on it.

  7. Your name is Bic too?!

  8. No, it's Sharpie Mini. Why?

  9. Hey girl...I'll check the settings and see what I can come up with. :)
  10. Thank ya, lady! :D

    A heads up btw,

    The link to the next page for the Social Groups seems to be having some issues.

    Maybe there's just not quite enough groups yet, but I noticed one group I'm in was not showing on the front page, but hitting the link for page 2 just went back to page 1. :confused_2:

    Just thought I'd mention that since it could become a problem with more and more groups being made.

    Peace out, stonas. :smoking:
  11. It isn't an option right now but someone is working on it. :)
  12. I'm sending out personalized Holga 120's to anyone who joins the Film Covered Walls Group.



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