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Discussion in 'General' started by Big.stu, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. it's a social media platform like Instagram but you don't get reported for putting bud shots up any one on here had any use with it.
    Oh btw I'm not trying to advertise anything just asking if any here use it
  2. Shoutout to Berner I heard about it after he posted it. I don't have it, but it sounds cool.
  3. 54FBF371-08EC-4831-9106-C60EC911704F.jpeg 9EE7B946-E479-4D37-A3CB-1B569424BB04.jpeg 3527224D-D6B0-427B-BAFD-8F1CE5C22995.jpeg You get reported for bud shots here? Reported to whom? Seriously...
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  4. It may not be as good as thought the guidelines are near the same as Instagram will give it a few days An see. Only posted here as a lot on Instagram seem to be going there
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