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Discussion in 'General' started by Drank, May 21, 2010.

  1. After being a frequent user for about a year, I think I'm finally done smoking. Every time I smoke now, I get terrible anxiety around people. I always feel like everyone thinks I'm weird and I feel like an outcast. Not only that, I also have this strange thing where I always want to be out and about doing something when I smoke. I cant ever sit there and focus on what everyone else is doing. My mind turns off and I just go in this terrible mind set and regret getting high. I consider myself an addict and I'm disgusted that I've let it get this far. I was also having a really hard time quitting because time slows when you smoke, so going one day without smoking felt like I had gone a week... Has anyone else had a problem like this before? My past few months of smoking have been so miserable every time i get high...
  2. you need to tell yourself it will be a good experience. also maybe ur just a alone toker. I can't tell you how therapeutic a midnight bowl kicked back on my porch is by myself.
  3. im definitely an "alone stoner" ever though i really hate smoking weed because it makes me sooo burnt out and retarded. but i still will smoke with my *****s. i hate when i have to see people when im high, because i normally have nothing to say and just feel like a burnout. but when im not high i am the funniest mother fucker on the planet. am always talking and doing shit. when i'm high i ALWAYS let my head fuck with me.

    i was going to make a firecracker tonight. i should have god damnit! whatever i'll thank myself when im not burnt out tomorrow. i will ONLY smoke weed at night because it will absolutely ruin my whole day. too each his own i suppose.
  4. then why are you here?
  5. i know what you mean man, and it's not just your fault. sometimes people can be assholes. like the time my friends convinced me i had made up a relationship with a girl that supposedly didnt exist. haha i had a horrible anxiety attack that night...fuck. anyway weed isn't for everyone, so whut i do is just smoke like once every two months er so. or like after a month er so i'll smoke everyday till things start to get weird again. then i stop for another month er so. it works for me but like someone else said. to each his own. oh and having sex before you smoke helps relieve some of the anxiety FYI
  6. because i used to enjoy it! before i really had that much of a social life i would love to smoke weed and just hang out with myself and let my mind wonder, you know? its still fun to do that, but i am normally always hanging out with one of my friends. i've really made a very impressive turn around with my personallity since i first joined here. i've almost regained all of my social skills from before i started getting into video games.

    to be honest with you, i havent really been smoking that much lately and i had two dreams in four days. but then i smoked the next day and yesterday, so who knows if theres a connection, even though i believe there is.

    see, my dad is a recovered alcoholic, and i fear the same thing of myself. i love to drink, and i have been hung over twice in my entire life. a couple of days ago i was being a pussy because of some girl and diddnt eat anything besides a bowl of cereal. went to the basketball court and just shot around for like 3 hours, hung out with a couple of friends, then went to my boys house for a shindig. got pretty drunk and woke up at 7 with a slight headache. drank like half a bottle of water woke up 5 hours feeling like a million bucks.

    i seem to have an extremely high tolerance towards drugs, as will burn and get high for maybe 20 minutes, then burnt out for at least a couple of hours. when i do heavy smoking i will be burnt out for many days down the road. when i used to smoke all the time and i stopped for a while, i was burnt out for like 3 or 4 days.

    but enough about me! tell me about yourself! lol
  7. haha, so while i was anxiously awaiting a response to have a conversation with somebody i noticed that i killed you buzz. sorry dude

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