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Social Awkwardness While Being High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Elektriczzz, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Do any of you guys get some anxiety when going to public places while being high. When I'm high I won't even go into a gas station especially if my eyes are blood shot. Even when I'm around friends I get really quite it's annoying. I've been smoking since I was 12 so I don't get why I haven't been able to get more comfortable around people. Do you fellow blades have some tips to overcome it

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  2. It happens to me depending on the people I'm with. I have to be really comfortable around people to have a good time and to be able to socialize, but if I'm with people I consider acquaintances rather than friends when I smoke, I'm really quiet. Which is weird, because I'm a talkative guy and everything, I just get mad anxiety when I'm high.
  3. imagine them all naked, if that doesnt work get naked and make them get naked.
  4. Just go do your business, they wont know your high unless you give them a reason
  5. If I'm alone, yes I'll be a little anxious, but if I'm with other Stoned pals I'll be all laffy taffy
  6. I know that feeling. It sucks, it's not that I'm shy, it's that I literally can't make conversation. Especially when I'm like, blitzed.
  7. I try to think to myself "no one gives a fuck if your high" but I'll get that one gas station cashier that will give me a look and that's when Ill start being like oh fuck man they know

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  8. I somewhat have social anxiety normally, but being high doesnt really do anything for it except make me more sensitive to it sometimes. 
    honestly when I'm high I dont like to move around or go out, but if I'm with someone that wants to or I got shit to do I will. cant say I actually care if like cashiers or whoever knows or thinks I'm high(cops excluded), what are they gonna do, call the cops on me? I'll be gone by the time they'd get there anyway. plus my hood is borderline ghetto, so nobody gives a shit what you do unless you're stealing/robbing.
  9. I only get that anxiety when I'm with my pals, pretty much what 2pac said. When I'm in public, I cant stop smiling and shit when people talk to me haha
  10. I can completely relate to this ! I pretty much don't want to be in any kind of interaction when I'm high. It's only recently that I've managed to feel at all comfortable even alone with getting/being high. I don't want to have to focus or explain myself when high, I just want to sort of be.
    The politics of getting/being high is a whole nother oppressive force that can generate a ton of anxiety. The "law" can be very creepy. It fosters paranoia and eats away at your sense of well being and safety.
    I continue "experimenting" and I'm not talking about pushing limits of how high you can get, I'm talking about achieveing "reasonable" levels of comfort with myself and my high. One day, I may even get to the point where being high around others is not such a traumatic experience.  :cool:
  11. Relatable
  12. Yeah sometimes but not often. To be honest the way I took around it was pretend you are wiz khalifa. That dude walk around high all day everyday and everyone loves him, he's not awkward about it.
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    i get this feeling, many people do; realize it's all in your head, install a positive state of mind and feed off of the positivity and love everywhere you go and you'll never feel so alive 
  14. Stop thinking about how high you are, get out of your head, and focus on what's going on around you.
    People who have troubles being high around sober people are the people who are worried people are gonna say something. You just need to not give a fuck.
    I'll stroll into a place to get food with my eyes as red as the devil's dick, walk up to the counter, act completely normal and order. Worst case scenario the guy gives you a dirty look or calls you out on it, in which case you laugh and walk away, continuing to not give a fuck.
    I'll never understand why people get worried about what random people think when they're high. Fuck those people. I can do what I want. Only time I get paranoid is at work, hence why I never smoke for work now.
  15. Once you stop giving a shit about if you're high, it's a lot more enjoyable. I'm actually more social when high than when sober. Like what are they gonna do? Call the cops on you for having red eyes? Nah, you're fine.
  16. Even if people do know you're high, who cares...
  17. For me its social awkwardness without being high. I always have people comment on it so I just make fun of myself, but lately I've given up talking people in general. I'm just gonna be a one man wolf pack, I can't relate to anyone.
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    I get anxious when my amygdala decides to give a fuck, from there paranoia impairs. 
  19. I feel on a different wave length when I'm high, so unless everyone is really stoned and on the same wavelength then I can get quite socially anxious for sure.
  20. I usually go into stores really baked and without eye drops after 20:00 (8pm) than I just don't give a fu**. The only time I feel a little awkward is when I am around little kids and my eyes are blood shot or I stank of weed. Usually I don't care because you really shouldn't, if you have your medical card or if you are of age than screw what anyone else thinks and if they think less of you than fu** them, they are not worth wasting time on if they judge you for one part of your life.  :smoke:

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