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Social anxiety disorder [SAD]

Discussion in 'General' started by BudButler, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. hay guys i have been dealing with alot of mental problems of late so i have been looking around and i came across this documentary i thought i would post it here because i know other people on the site are going through the same thing


    i think it will auto play entire thing not really sure tho anyway enjoy
  2. This disorder basically ruined my whole life. Pathetic part is I never realized something was wrong with me. My shitty genetics.
  3. ya im 19 and have let this disorder ruin most of my child hood so now im going to do everything i can to keep it from ruining my adult life
  4. talk to your family doctor, i did and it was the best decision of my life. a month ago i had crippling anxiety but i talked to my doctor a few weeks ago and i landed a job today after a year of not working. if you legit have social anxiety the meds should help you, the stories of them not working and causing negative effects are from misdiagnosis and people who dont actually need them getting them. since ive started taking them ive lost 20lbs (weight was the source of my anxiety and the anxiety wouldnt let me do anything about it). seriously just talk to your doctor, you will be thankful you did. also the ones i have are mild sedatives so ive even been smoking less because the effects are like amplified and ive also just not felt the need to smoke all the time. havent smoked since friday (for the piss test for my job which i passed today) and while i have a bowl waiting for me i havent cracked into it yet.

  5. same dude, ive never even had a girlfriend... and im so socially awkward... but like i said the meds have helped they've eliminated that voice in the back of my head saying "dude you cant do _______ because of ______"
  6. i plan to as soon as i get the funds i currently dont have insurance or any money to spend on a visit
  7. thats a bummer :/ how old are you? you might be eligible for medicaid. thats what i have and thanks to obama care im still covered till im 25 or 26. covers all my meds (generic versions but w/e its the same shit).
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    damn I need some of those meds. lol

    weed helps me in certain situations, but definitely does not help everything. I still have a lot of general anxiety, and I still get really nervous talking to people though, but to a much lesser degree than in the past feel like people are watching/judging me. I just never know what to say to ppl either.
  9. ive even been sleeping better (could be due to the loss of weight) because im not laying in bed just thinking.
  10. I can't decide if I have this...or if its due to something intrinsic. Fuck.
  11. im 19 how would i go about getting medicaid i honestly never even considered anything like that

  12. google. ive just always had it so i have no clue.
  13. not sure what you mean by intrinsic. But, there are lots of levels to anxiety, same as depression, which is why its so important to get legit help if it starts to really negatively affect your life, or whatever...

    Medicaid is by the state, I'm sure they have an official web page that spells everything out for ya
  14. aw cool i will check it out then
  15. What I mean is that I don't know whether the source of my anxiety comes from interacting with others, or whether it is a genuine discomfort with myself, manifesting itself while I am around others. The latter I can work on on my own, and I intend to try in the coming months. I feel it is my last attempt at self healing. It's difficult really, trying to do it all alone, but I'm a stubborn motherfucker, and I hate the thought of having to go to a doctor for something that I still believe I can fix myself. Make sense?
  16. I am pretty sure I have this having been in some of the situations they have mentioned, and it sucks...big time. I get extremely nervous around people I do not know and have a hard time talking to people even though it sometimes may not seem like it. I am 19 now and looking back it has affected quite a bit of my life in a negative way. Never been to a doctor for it though, I actually thought it was normal when I was little just being "shy" but there is a big difference.
    I feel ya OP.
  17. Check out Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA | Anxiety Disorders are real, serious, and treatable its a great resource.

    For the past year and a half I've been dealing with some pretty severe anxiety, to the point where I didn't feel safe outside and I wouldn't leave my apartment unless absolutely necessary.

    Once I finally realized that I was acting crazy, I tried everything to change.

    What helped me (and it might not be the same for you) was to exercise more and quit smoking weed.

    Send me a PM if you want to know anything else.
  18. .

    Basically what I intend to do. It took me a while to realize that bud was relaxing me, but making symptoms worse.
  19. I've been trying to get myself to go to the doctor over this for a long time but I still never have.

    It's gotten to the point I can't even smoke anymore. It makes me paranoid and really quite, so I just prefer not to.

    But hopefully I'll go soon and can start leading a better life because right now I hate going out in public to malls, or grocery store or even walmart. I feel like everyone is looking at me and judging what I say or talk about.
  20. well i dont feel weed is effecting this for me at lest so im not willing to stop for the time being i have however since i posted this been taking step were for more time during the day i am being forced to talk with people i dont know and i have taken up running even in such a short time i feel that it has helped alot and as soon as my next crop comes in im goin to try to visit the doctor i have also started meditating for an hour before bed

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