Social Anxiety and Marijuana

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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right section for this, if it is not please move it to the appropriate one.

    I will try and not ramble on about what social anxiety is because I'm sure most of you already know. For me I get social anxiety when I am going to go meet a big group of people that I don't know, especially if there are girls. Its not in crowds but its like a group of 5-10 people or so 2 of which I only know. I will get very nervous and not know what to say, I will just stand there in silence hoping I don't look dumb, even though rationally I know I probably look more dumb just standing there.

    I am a very quiet person normally and I try and only open my mouth when I feel I have something important to say or something good to contribute other wise I try and not talk just for the sake of talking. Thats just a little background I could go on much longer, but I am trying to save time. Now on to the question at hand:

    Does marijuana increase or decrease social anxiety?

    I have been reading up on it for a little bit and I seem to get mixed answers. Some people say it helps other people say it increases anxiety, but I am not sure if they are misreading paranoia for anxiety.

    I haven't read much into modern medicine dealing with anxiety mainly because I am not a fan of all the side effects that come along with the medicines. It seems that you trade one disorder for 5 other ones and heart disease or chronic diarrhea. I am not completely closed off to this subject if anyone has some helpful advice on medications they have taken, what works what doesn't etc.

    Truly I just want to be able to enjoy life with out having to worry about myself. I am looking for a social lubricant that will just make it easier for me to open up and connect with people because currently I give off the impression that I am disinterested or bored when I am truly not.

    And if marijuana does prove to be helpful in my dealing with anxiety do you think it is a legit reason to get a medical marijuana card in California. I am trying to treat my anxiety and over come it, I am not trying to mask it. And I think if I go to some social events while high and I see how easy it is to connect with people I will no longer need Mary Jane's help.

    So to reiterate my question:

    Does marijuana increase or decrease social anxiety?

    Please feel free to share any advice on the subject even if its not related to the use of marijuana to treat it. And if any one has an personal experiences to share please feel free to they will be much appreciated.

    Sorry for the long read, hope some people can help me out.
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    that's exactly it. for some people, it does help. for others, it does not.
    for me, i find it does help. only way you'll know if it works for you is if you try it out. :)

    i don't know about the medical marijuana laws in california.
    couldn't hurt to bring it up with your doctor if you discover that it does help...

    i'll just elaborate on why it helps for me...
    it 'masks' the anxiety in a stressful situation, but it also allows me to 'dig deeper' and realize the anxiety...
    which helps in eventually over-coming it, even when not high.
    i've noticed improvement in myself...
  3. marijuana actually causes me to have anxiety attacks(if i smoke too much).. but then again it dont take much to get me high..
  4. well my dude... I'm sorry i can't give you great advice.. because marijuana and social anxiety really interact differently by the person. With me, marijuana made my social anxiety worse (but regular anxiety much better). It wasn't until i tripped on shrooms a few times that i realized how to overcome social anxiety. I realized that no drug was the answer to take before you go out... alcohol, benzo's, even marijuana... you should be able to socialize on a sober level, too. I had massive revelations over the course of a number of trips, and these trips made me realize the core problem. Why i had social anxiety, how ridiculous it was at times, and how easy it was to just ease up and kick it. It helped me look inside and criticize myself, realize what was wrong... but then also look at it from the perspective of the people i had so-called 'social-anxiety' around... i realized there was no reason to act differently, feel intimitated, or over-analyze things when around people.

    I still get social anxiety depending on the situation, but its become a problem i can handle quite well now. I attribute it to my psycadelic experiences. I can even smoke pot and not get social anxiety now.

    THe thing is, there is a root to your problem. Look deep for it, and de-root it. Meditation is another great way. You need to look inside and evaluate yourself with no bias
  5. y'know what it is?......people just suck, and you know it.
  6. jamie says it decreases it
  7. Thanks for the responses guys much appreciated.
  8. im definitely more anxious/awkward around girls when im high but it all depends on the setting but yea if its like 5-10 people i dont know yea im gonna feel like you prolly not say too much
  9. i have social anxiety too, tho in recent years it's become much, much better. For me, smoking weed can make it better or worse depending on set and setting. I don't know if there's a clear-cut way to tell how it's going to affect me.
    anyway, I think the anxiety lessens with age and confidence. After a certain point in your life where you've been thru enough bullshit something clicks and you realize nobody's opinion matters. If people wanna be dicks, let 'em be, who the fuck are they? You just gotta learn to be sure about yourself. and smile :)
  10. well...weed definatly helped me with my shyness...but not as a social lubricant or alchohal does, weed helped me figure shit out and made me realize that i should just be myself and speak my mind, because that's how you meet people that connect with you. if you say nothing you wont meet anyone obviosly, but if your fake your gonna end up with friends you dont relate to. loose your ego dont worry about beign cool
  11. Vicodin at medium doses helps me. I heard xanax works like a charm too if you can get that.
  12. I don't think it increases or decreases it when you're around people.
    ..but it sure is nice to come home to a nice bowl after you've had to address a group of people for a while!

    To me social anxiety is just like claustrophobia or vertigo. You know there's nothing really to fear but you just can't convince your body of that.

    I've been told that it's permanent unfortunately, but there are some awesome techniques that you can learn to help you handle it. It sucks but you can "overcome" it.

    There's a long thread here somewhere all about social phobia.

  13. Great post. Could you elaborate on how you got rid of your social anxiety?
  14. Although I don't have social anxiety, I've realized smoking A LITTLE (as in no more than 1 bowl) really helps me open up and be more talkative, while I might as well be an inatimate object after smoking a lot (3+ bowls).
  15. Ya I can relate with you bro.Smoking opens me up,otherwise I have these awkward feelings that all come out at once and I just can't handle big groups of people.Get a prescription for "Klonopin" from your doctor.If he prescribes you them you might notice some improvment.There are not any bad side effects as far as I know,except withdrawls...But if you take them responsibly and if ever get off of them,you could just get your doctor to decrease your dose over time.Its not an anti-depressant but it sure works for other people and you'll see that if you do some research.Good luck bro
  16. Pills aren't the way to go. It's much better to fix the root cause.
  17. I think I too have mild social anxiety and actually believe that marijuana may have induced it. Throughout highschool I'd be high all the time, at school, at parties, whereever. And whenever I was high, I wouldn't say anything in groups of people or with people I didn't know.

    I'm actually on a weed break to see if it stops my social anxiety or if I become more outgoing and if it works then I'll be only smoking bud on occasion.
  18. I know exactly how you feel I used to be the same.

    This is what I found.. basically before I started smoking, I had bad social anxiety (exactly how you explained it), and it didn't seem to be getting any better as I got older.. got introduced to pot and I found it made it even worse, so during big social get togethers I would generally sit back and not say much of anything. but I liked being high so I tried not to worry about it.. then when I was sober I gradually became less and less awkward socially.

    It's like when you're high, you get paranoid. When you become un-high, you pretty much stop being paranoid (unless of course you have some medical case of paranoia).. well that was the same with me and social anxiety.. it slowly became something that only occured when I was high.. but then it gradually stopped happening altogether. Now I have hardly any social anxiety at all and I believe I owe that to pot (and a few other things such as epiphanies, new mates etc.)

    Obviously it wasn't that simple as problems like anxiety doesn't go away overnight. it's more a process of changing your frame of mind and way of thinking. You'll be a much happier person when you realize most people are losers and don't mean shit to you or your life.

    (Also a good thing to do is to go to as many social events as possible, the more you're around strangers the more you'll become relaxed around them.)
  19. Once again thanks everyone for the great responses. I guess it is just something I will have to try on my own.

    I have only been smoking indica heavy strains which cause me to think really deep and not talk, can any one recomend a sativa dominant strain or any strain you feel made you more talkative?
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    I'm just assuming from reading this that you've never smoked. As you probably know it affects everyone differently... For me, if I'm at a party and I'm high then I have no problem being outgoing and chatting with everyone. But I'm usually fairly outgoing... Another thing that helps is you can think to yourself that no one will really remember what you're saying if they're fucked up. Also if you make an awkward comment, you can just blame it on being really high...

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