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Social Anxiety and Anxiety in General

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dinnerroll, May 13, 2010.

  1. So I'm a chronic hypochondriac(although my therapist and I are beginning to find some more underlying issues that maybe be contributing) and I've always been a rather socially anxious guy my whole life, but I can pinpoint the exact date my hypochondria began. I was a night when i was very heavily cross-faded. I had been high, drunk, and both at the same time before, but for some reason that night something triggered the first of many panic attacks and almost two years of heavy health-related anxiety continuing even today. I'm sure some of you have seen my other posts in the past. I got my medical rec a few weeks ago as a means to try pot as an alternative to the zoloft i'm currently taking but I havent really had a chance to medicate enough to see if cannabis helps me yet(trying like mad to get a decent job). I'm a very inexperienced and infrequent user but I'm really hoping that the substance that triggered the progression of my condition can also help alleviate it.

    Does anyone have any experience or advice on the subject? also this video i found is what led me to make this topic.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Social Anxiety and Cannabis[/ame]
  2. yeah,get a sativa strain for the anxiety,it allows you to open up to people and in a sense,breaks you out of your shell.But you need to know it's not a cure,it's a cruch,witch is what you need at the moment, since ,in a way ,u need it to walk metaphorically speaking.The only way to be truly happy is to be healthy.That means healthy diet (i.e. drink only water,more fruits and veges) exercise daily and get more sun.Healthy body,healthy mind. The indica strains just make you tried,hungry and not wanna talk.Good luck with the getting a job.:)
  3. for me social anxiety was all in my mind i was insecure for a long time because i always felt different from other people... but we're all different in our own ways and that's what makes humanity some special shit.marijuna helps me in alot of ways i like to drink a beer and take a few bong tokes when i get home from work before i go to bed. it helps me sleep and makes me more creative with my work, but some people marijuana makes them feel insecure about themselves and afraid. so maybe marijuana is right for some people but not everybody. im coming down off shrooms for the records.
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    I smoked some herb that was laced with some kind of halucinagin once and totally freaked out. Every since then I've had severe anxiety attacks. Some strains of herb bring the anxiety out in me, some strains actually help the anxiety go away. Try different herb until you find the best for your condition. Research it. Also the more you smoke and get accustomed to it, the more your anxious feelings go away. I would say your anxiety comes from a drug(not cannabis) that did something to your brain permanetly.

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