Discussion in 'General' started by NCToker, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. Where I'm from soccer and bud go hand in hand, the majority of my soccer team are my smoking buddies, how many of you all play soccer, or any sport for that matter.
  2. ....nope, where you live?
  3. I live in Concord, alittle north of Charlotte
  4. sweet! i live in asheville,NC

    I'm in Pembroke :D

    (40 min south of Fayetteville)
  6. im from atlanta and my whole lacrosse team tokes the smokes... well at least like 3/4 of them
  7. hellz ya; holla backatcha Raleigh
  8. charlotte
  9. im around chicago and 2 years ago on my central states hockey team 14 oout of the 17 kids on the team smoked. before every practice wed all pack in the bathroom and chief. too bad we only won 1 game that season
  10. yeh man, my 2 best friends all are on my team and we toke before practice, we actually seem to play better while ripped. And usually we smoke a post practive blunt to relax.
  11. I live in Atlanta too...I don't play any sports, but half the people I hang out with (all my friends smoke except three) play soccer...and I used to play lacrosse and seriously everyone on the team except for one guy smoked...the coach was an alcoholic too so we would show up to practice blazed and he would scream at us and we would just was good times...but yeah soccer players are stoners alot of the time.
  12. It seems like everyone in my town smokes. Nothing else to do, really. So yeah, most our soccer, lacrosse, basketball, football, etc., players smoke up.

    I play basketball, but just for fun with friends. But we like to roll blunts before playing.
  13. I played soccer for Creighton when I was in college a couple years ago, but on that level you run in to people who take themselves and their sports very seriously. Meaning I was the outcast for my habits. I didn't care though I could laugh at most of them while they were ridin the pine while I started every game of my college career. Ooooh yeah I enjoyed playin stoned, I'd be the only one smiling out there.
  14. I was seriously into soccer, made it to semi-pro, played there for 2 years, then quit playing. All the teams I was on, about 1/2 of the players toked. I didn't start smoking until after I quit soccer though.

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