Soccer players are all pussies

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Purp Skurp, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. You're right lebron is a pussy also, he bitches at the refs 24/7.
  2. [ame=]Jerome Simpson's epic dive flop - YouTube[/ame]
    all cincinnati bengals are pussies
  3. so now were bashing the bengals ...?

    this thread is my enemy ..
  4. [quote name='"zro420"']generalizing a group of people and calling them "pussies" is just stupid thinking.

    HBGBUB the fact that you're defending the OP's ignorance, obtuse way of thinking, and general trolling is pretty sad. if someone started a thread generalizing a group of people that you are among and saying bad things about them, wouldn't you be a bit irked? yeah it is the internet, but GC is different than other forums. saying stupid shit and trolling is frowned upon.

    might as well start a thread that says "all *insert minority here* are lazy, stupid, etc".. same thing. OH but it's an opinion. sure. so it's acceptable and if someone gets angry over it, you are going to make fun of them.

    i'm not butthurt over the thread. never played soccer. but i watch it, and it is definitely physical. players flop, it doesn't mean they're pussies. it's a part of soccer. it's a method to get calls. if you don't like it, don't watch soccer. nobody is forcing you.[/quote]

    There are offensive threads all over gc man. It's a part of life, either deal with it or don't.

    Imo opinion soccer players are pussies. I dont like soccer, I think its a boring pointless game and the people that play it are stupid for playing it. I have friends that play soccer and I tell them the same thing.

    If you don't like my opinion, or ops, don't fucking click in a thread that's titled soccer players are pussies.

    I also think its funny you think this thread is equivalent to a thread bashing minorities. Like soccer players are a race of people haha, kinda funny to me
  5. Players like neymar, nani, ashley young and busquets are all pussies (even tho they would all beat me in a fight....easily haha).

    But then you have other players (eg, de jong) who are not pussies.....they put their bodies on the line to win the ball.

    People seem to remember the bad dives and assume all players are the same....theyre not. If you think the players are pussies I recommend watching the premier league, and not watch teams like brazil, barca, man utd etc.

    I dont know where im going with this....but yeah theyre not all pussies. I mean they dont wear helmets like the nfl players do (jks, dont wanna start an arguement)
  6. 100% agree with OP.

  7. This guy is american

    [ame=]Everton Player Landon Donovan Dives.wmv - YouTube[/ame]
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    guess he breathed a little too hard


    watch the bitches slap



    how fucking classless/pussy is this

  9. ^ok ill admit those guys are little bitches haha....that busquets one always pisses me off.

    Still, not every soccer (football) player is like that. Saying they're all pussies is too harsh.

    This is bad-ass tho!
    [ame=]Nigel De Jong's tackle on Xabi Alonso - 2010 S/A World Cup - YouTube[/ame]
  10. [ame=]kick brawl wild soccer match - Best sports fight ever - 12 red cards[/ame]

    I'm sorry, but even girls don't kick each other in a fight...

  11. yeah i wasnt trying to have a go haha....just having a laugh. Diving is less common with english, american and australian players etc because those countries have rugby league, rugby, nfl etc meaning the public wont stand for people acting like pussies. There's faults in every sport...its something we just have to live with i guess.
  12. OP is a pussy and would get fucked up in a soccer game
  13. zinedine zidane ain't no pussy. he headbutted the fuck out of that italian bitch.

    some soccer players are bitches. the flopping is out of control. but that's the game. to say that all of them are pussies is just ignorant and naive. pujol is definitely not a bitch. dude is the man. most strikers and mids are the pussier ones, the defenders fuck people up
  14. Yes soccer is more physical than many people realize, but that doesn't mean when someone bumps into you you should fall like you've been shot. It is ridiculous.

  15. theres more flopping in the NBA than there is in soccer
  16. Ehh, highly debatable. I agree the flopping is getting out of control in both sports.
  17. Football (soccer) players are mild compared to most other athletes. Most players moan about playing two games in the space of four days, and their matches are 90 minutes. Tennis players during competitions play up to 5 hours a day for up to two weeks. That's fitness. I love football (soccer) and always will, but I wouldn't call them athletes.

  18. lol wut?
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