Soccer players are all pussies

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Purp Skurp, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. [quote name='"HBGBUB"']You're gonna be fighting a lot of battles if you take offense to every generalized statement you don't agree with on the internet.

    I love baseball, you know how many people think baseball is the most boring stupid game on the planet? Do I give a shit? Nope, just let it be and move on.[/quote]

    So your saying you shouldn't defend your opinions
  2. What the point on the internet

    90% of the people are just trolling for a reaction and don't give a shit. 5% have an actual opinion and will debate with you intelligently and 5% don't give a shit.

    Actually what's the point in real life. You're not gonna change anybody mind. The only opinion that really matters is yours dude

  3. Actually yes I have played soccer, and you don't sprint for 90 minutes lol, and it's not physical at all, if you call pushing someone physical then ok... But that's not physical.
  4. [quote name='"Purp Skurp"']

    Actually yes I have played soccer, and you don't sprint for 90 minutes lol, and it's not physical at all, if you call pushing someone physical then ok... But that's not physical.[/quote]

    I guess if your not a starter, and forwards arent physical midfield and deffense both are unless like i said your team is a bunch of pussies
  5. Played for 16 years. Played a friendly after a training session over seas and an opposing player slid for the ball, got a hold of my knee (metal cleats, soft ground). Shattered my knee cap, tore my MCL, ACL, and miniscus. I now have half a knee replacement and only 1/5th of my hamstring in my right leg as the doctor harvested most of it to fix what he could with my knee.

    It might not be as physical as say rugby or american football... but if you play at a high enough level, it's pretty damn physical.

    BBUUUTTTTT I understand why we get tossed around... there are alot of players out there who pussy out to get a whistle rather than juggernaut through a tackle. them bitches
  6. I think whatever anybody wants to do with their life should be acceptable.
  7. generalizing a group of people and calling them "pussies" is just stupid thinking.

    HBGBUB the fact that you're defending the OP's ignorance, obtuse way of thinking, and general trolling is pretty sad. if someone started a thread generalizing a group of people that you are among and saying bad things about them, wouldn't you be a bit irked? yeah it is the internet, but GC is different than other forums. saying stupid shit and trolling is frowned upon.

    might as well start a thread that says "all *insert minority here* are lazy, stupid, etc".. same thing. OH but it's an opinion. sure. so it's acceptable and if someone gets angry over it, you are going to make fun of them.

    i'm not butthurt over the thread. never played soccer. but i watch it, and it is definitely physical. players flop, it doesn't mean they're pussies. it's a part of soccer. it's a method to get calls. if you don't like it, don't watch soccer. nobody is forcing you.

  8. never said it wasn't.
  9. It's just part of the game. I agree, sometimes it gets a bit ridiculous. I think they are working on cutting down on flopping. But soccer is a physical sport, and one of the demanding on your body.

    It sounds to me like you just really hate soccer to be honest... Not just the flopping but the sport in general. Take your macho man football cap off, and come to learn that soccer is a great game.

    I'm also an american football fan btw.

  10. Actually it does mean they're pussies, if you have to fake an injury and cry on the ground just to get A call and then get back up and act like nothing happend is being a pussy.
  11. it's a part of soccer. sadly. it doesn't mean every player is a pussy. i guarantee probably most every player in the barclays premiere league could beat the shit out of you in a fight. why? because they're professional athletes whose bodies take a beating every day, who are in way better physical shape than you probably are, and they all require a TON of stamina. soccer is the only sport that doesn't have a ton of timeouts, and is generally 45 minutes straight of players running their asses off and sliding and running into each other.

  12. I don't know why you're bringing physicality into this, I never said anything about their sport not being physical I said they are pussies because whenever they get pushed they fall over and cry to the refs for a call then get up and play like normal.
  13. [quote name='"Purp Skurp"']Soccer players should be embarrassed to call themselves professional athletes, everytime their foot gets stepped on they fall over and act like they just broke their leg and continue to cry until they get a call and if they don't they just get up and play like nothing happened. Fucking ridiculous, I thought flopping in the nba was bad but damn soccer players...[/quote]

    45 minute halves no times outs. Running back and forth changing from offense to defense in a matter of seconds. You're the pussy
  14. They do that to try to get a foul . They all fake it to help the team.

  15. how does physicality NOT have anything to do with your argument? your overall argument is that they are pussies. idc why you say they are, it is what you are saying. physical traits absolutely have to do with whether or not they are pussies. you admit that they could probably kick your ass. therefore, a pussy could beat your ass. that's emberassing
  16. i play soccer and i am not a pussy. your argument is invalid. /thread

  17. What's embarrassing is that you can't spell embarrassing.
  18. OP probably doesn't play any sports anyways, Everyone who thinks soccer isn't psychically demanding hasn't played it. I use to play soccer, but I was too out of shape to play so I started playing football. LMFAO. You're argument is invalid.

    + When you get tripped running full speed and you're trying to get a call so you can get the ball, yes they do some acting, they do that in all sports . /facepalm.

    + in football i'm covered in pads, soccer I have nothing but shin protectors...and which sport is for pussies? lol

    + soccer is a contact sport, you're retarded and haven't played if you disagree with that.
  19. Jesus Christ do you people have the reading comprehension level of a 1st grader? I said they're pussies because every time they get hit they fall over and cry to the refs for a call. I never said anything about soccer not taking skill and physical ability. I'm saying they are pussies when they constantly cry to the refs and fake injuries.
  20. Lebron. That is all
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