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SoCal White Rhino Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MtHighToker, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. This stuff is soo good, it smells like fruit loops but has a hashy taste. It's a pretty good hybrid with mostly a body high, but I'm pretty burnt out right now. Anyways, this stuff had me stoned for a good couple hours today. Enjoy :wave::smoking:

  2. Looks real nice, super frosty.
  3. DAMNNNNN +rep :)
  4. Thanks guys, I love dank:D
  5. Very nice man, how much you pay for that?
  6. I pitched in $20 with my friends and I probably got 1.2 grams. That's pretty good for dank in southern california but my friend can get me $10/gram from a guy kinda far away.
  7. holy shittttt
  8. i have the same jar:smoking:
  9. nice bubbler +rep
  10. Damn that's it man, I gotta take a trip to Cali. Good looking piece too.
  11. looks dank as hell, nice pickup my man
  12. Thanks man, I definitely suggest it, there is dank everywhere! :smoking:
  13. Dude, it's so covered in good. Awesome man. you're gonna have some fun.
  14. I love living in he said, there is dank everywhere down here. I'm growing as we speak so Mt. High boarding will be great this winter. Bud looks sweet dude NICE pickup
  15. Nice to see some good quality, unlike the pretendica people around here sell, smells OK but hardly any trichomes.
  16. thanks dude i cant wait for winter! :hello::smoking:
  17. nice bub bro..
    how much you pay for the bub?
  18. it was marked as 30 but the person gave it to my for 25. the bowl is a little small but it still rips pretty good.
  19. dammnnn ***** look like that shit got fresh outta the freezer

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