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  1. Is it overrated?

    Over the past 9 years I've been everything from a pill addict, crack addict, alcoholic, to a stoner.

    I've always had a certain fondness to marijuana. I currently have a medical marijuana card due to sports injuries and a car accident.

    With that being said, other than being in jail (even then I manage to find a substance or make hooch) I haven't been sober a day of my recent life, by choice.

    I've given up some substances and added others. I tend to binge drink, but can force myself to stop after a couple weeks.

    I hold a full time job and also advocate medical marijuana and do community work tied to that.

    I guess what I'd like to know is what the Cities thoughts on sobriety is.. is it needed? I stay 100% sober all day, but when it hits 5pm and I'm off the clock, that goes away fast.

    TL;DR- Your thoughts on sobriety.
  2. Well i don't want to ever be addicted to anything. So no sobriety isn't overrated because if your addicted you need to be sober for awhile.
  3. Yes, but addiction and sobriety and far from each other. Just because you arent sober doesn't mean you are an addict
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    Everybody is addicted to something. Most likely multiple things

    Addiction is a part of human nature. Human's seek pleasure...

    edit: whether that be physically addicting substances or psychologically addicting. Either way, you repeat certain actions because they bring pleasure.
  5. Sobriety is cool man, clears the head and allows for a fresh outlook.
  6. My thoughts on sobriety is, it's depressing.
    But I have been sober for 3 weeks.
  7. My spiritual work doesn't proceed without sobriety, so yes, sobriety is important in my life.

    As BA said though, we all have addictions, and those addictions aren't necessarily drugs
  8. Sobriety is fine when you want to clear your hand and just take a break but it's boring without THC which upgrades everything.
  9. to me, sobriety is underrated.

    I have been (still am actually) addicted to painkillers and for years have been getting high and dont even know where the time went....and all i was doing is getting high. I dont even remember what functioning sober is like anymore, and it seems weird. Personally, i have just been so focused on getting high that sobreity never seemed acheivable to me.....until i get clean for a couple of weeks then go back to my lethal escape. go figure.
  10. I like sobreity.

    Sobreity is what makes being high interesting. Personally i need to be sober much more than i am high or drunk. That way when i do get inebriated, its a different experience.

    Do you ever get that feeling that after you have been high for 6+ hours straight, you start to feel sober? Thats because you just get so used to being high that if feels normal. Sobreity is what makes being high so unique and enjoyable.
  11. Being sober is hard to feel good about in the day to day. Being sober over time is what's good.

    You can't learn important life skills, or you get rusty, if your way to deal with stuff is to get fucked up. Everyone needs to touch down and be sober for a little.

    I've also been messed up on one thing or another for a good number of years. I feel I'm addicted to living this way. Real life seems so dull and terrible. It's not a fun way to live.

    If you can, choose sobriety. If you can't, keep it to the weed. I still don't think being high 24/7 is good in the long run, but it's the safest and least detrimental option.
  12. Sobriety is always a good gives your mind time to return to a natural state (which it's supposed 2 be in) also when I'm sober I feel clean and clear. Try it for a couple months it's like a high in itself
  13. Im kinda like this.Off and ON.Only tho when Im "On" Im pretty deep into the abyss:hello:
  14. i don't have a problem with never being sober as long as you can still take care of all your responsibilities in life.
  15. What is so funny about that?
  16. Sobriety isn't bad, but it's definately boring unless you have a girl to keep you entertained. So right now...i'm getting fuuuuuuucked up.
  17. he is just displaying the everyday judgmental and misunderstanding mentality most people possess.
  18. I fully understand. I've been there, addiction sucks. If you need someone to talk to who's been through it, feel free to PM me.
  19. I would never do hard drugs where you actually get addicted (not to say this in a negative light, I believe everyone should choose their own path) but I was high for around 12 months. Off weed to be clear. Wasted a lot of opportunities and money, but I was able to maintain a 3.5 gpa, go to work as well, and keep myself sane but I do understand in my few short days of a current very long break i'm on that its better to be sober.

    I won't go into the reasons, they are personal n everyone's got a different story, but I dont think I can be my full potential while being high and moderation isnt an option for me. I love weed and if I buy, I dont think I can ration it lol...i couldnt just be high once a day, I just couldnt.

    Even if I didnt smoke until night time I would for sure smoke more than a bowl once I got down to toking. Im making myself sound sad but I havent really had any problems quitting, I just know i'd want to smoke all day if I had any
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