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  1. i was sober against my will for 15 hours yesterday. My suffering was compounded by the fact that I had the money and couldn't get a thing, and the fact that my friend mike was there suffering too. we made a gandolf pipe from a tree. we tye-dyed a bunch of shirts, and then we started getting all tense and crazy. it was like a trip! we rode in circles on scooters and bikes and things, and sat in my yard until 1am trying to get like 3 different people to bring bud. we gave up, went home and BAM his brother has a bag he wants to sell. SO HAPPY. that's the way it goes.

    i never want to be that sober again unless there's something to do.
  2. To tell you the truth I'd be seriously concerned if you find it that horrible to go for 15 hours without weed....I havn't had a smoke in about 2 weeks due to financial reasons and the fact that there is a huge drought here; but to tell you the truth its rather easy for me. Would I like to have a smoke now...hell yea, but do I need one, most definately not.
  3. it's amazing what you can get used to
  4. i find that when i dont have it, im just very high strung...i cant sit still, i pace all over, i cant concentrate...weed brings me down a notch to where i can funtion normally haha...that or adderall
  5. Sometimes I will go three weeks without getting high. That's just how supply works for me.

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