Sobriety sucks but here goes... My Life Log

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  1. Hey guys and gals, I'm on day two of no drinking or smoking and it sucks.. Not really the fact that I'm not smoking or drinking, its the void in activities after 9PM. I recently chose to drop my weed habit for the hopes of someday being able to pass a piss test for a job that I can be happy with. I have smoked weed for over 9 years now day after day and grew some of the best weed my city has ever seen. I decided to knock off the drinking also because I was drinking 15 or so beers and about a half a liter of whiskey a night. Seeing that alcoholism is a huge problem in my family and has already destroyed much of it, I know its not a path I want to go down. I would like to keep some sort of log on how things are going and any troubles I encounter along the way. Hopefully, some might find it inspiring to do the same some day if needed. I love the culture of smoking, I have no bad things to say about weed but unfortunately I don't feel as though I am getting far enough in life with it just simply due to the job aspect.

    I can say this though, for anyone that is 'trying' to quit smoking weed and fail multiple times, your really not trying that hard.. I have a miserable day to day life with family, being broke, car note and insurance due + many other stresses but its not a really hard habbit to kick. Alcohol on the other hand, isn't so easy.. I haven't been drinking as long as I have been smoking and there are clear signs that my body is 'missing' something. Cold sweats at night, not being able to sleep, anxiousness and I wake up feeling more miserable not drinking that I did when I went to bed wasted. After a bit of reading I found that these problems do go away and life starts perking back up (Hopefully not too long from now)

    Any input from fellow stoners / drinkings that have quit in the past? I guess I'm going to start reading at night time even though I'm not much of a reader but.. I have to fill this after hours void where normally Im stoned and drunk watching a TV show series.

    I appreciate any comments guys. :wave:
  2. Kudos to you OP, it's good to see someone around here who is doing what's best for them without whining about quitting. Keep us updated man, I'll be glad to hear how everything goes
  3. Its hard to complain when you do something for your own well being. Weed wasn't going to kill me or harm me but I know the alcohol down the road was going to be a big problem for myself. I really hope the laws some day change here in NY and allow me to smoke and not worry about employment but unfortunately , today isn't that day. I do however become upset reading about people having such a hard time 'quitting weed'. In my own opinion and history, you don't have to 'try' and quit, its either your smoking or your not. Alcohol on the other hand has a pretty good challenge behind it. I think the sweating last night with the window open and 25F degree weather and no blanket really bothered me but at some point, things will get easier, just like any other dependency. Thank you for your reply man. Happy new years.
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  5. All the best man hope you get a Job.
  6. good luck, it seems like this is the right decision for you. thats a lot of booze man, definitely wise to take a step back... ive been sober for a year and a half due to legal issues. it gets easier man... take it day by day is really the best advice anyone can give you
  7. Brace yourself, brace yourself at twelve.:cool:
  8. It will stop. The cold sweats that is. Keep it up man!
  9. Good luck op and as another blade said day by day
  10. Be well OP keep it up much love
  11. Thanks again guys for the kind replies. Drinking tea... God how lame but oh well. Im all fucked on on green tea. Haha
  12. Ya I know how you feel and while I have nothing against weed.. I found things to be getting much better after stopping. Haven't smoked for over two months now and I already have a good job. To bad I have randoms now, so I don't know how long it will be until I smoke again, but thats ok because I have alot more money now to be able to go and do things. I see weed holding many people back, including my brother and it's sad.. even here were it its legal to posses now, but that doesn't mean you can pass a "drug" test.:mad:
  13. Good luck, quitting smoking after being a daily toker for years is no easy task IMO.
  14. hit the liquor store and or the dopeman asap
  15. Idiot
  16. Well, after a long night of drinking water and tea.. Its time to call it a night... I have been laying in bed for a few hours before actually being able to fall asleep, I'm sure thats also just a temp. thing that will pass. Its a lot easier falling asleep when you just go in and pass out haha. Good night blades, have a toke for me :)
  17. I find the drink Ovaltine helps me fall asleep if I drink a glass before bed, it just makes you warm and relaxed.
  18. Kudos to you OP, it takes alot of will power for some people to stop what they are doing even though it's the best for them at the moment. I too had to quit smoking, I'm coming pretty close to almost a month without smoking. I recently got on's not always fun Op but I try to fill my time up with playing video games, finding new music, or just spending more time with the family. I also quit my job and I'm perusing a better paying job that requires drug testing. I still love to come on GC and contribute even though everyone is obviously talks about weed..I just keep in mind that I don't NEED it to live a happy life. Anyways I wish you the best of luck OP and stay strong to your commitment, I hope you get that job!
  19. Hey if u meditate for a while and get a hang of it, you don't even need to smoke! Being sober can be very rewarding
  20. I haven't looked into meditation but its always interested me. I am going to pick up a book from the library later today on it and maybe do some research online about it.

    Another side note, I don't want ANYONE thinking that I feel as though people that drink or smoke are any less of a person than myself. I absolutely LOVE smoking and I really enjoyed drinking but for my OWN personal sake and for what I believe is right in MY life at this point. I just don't want to come across as someone that all of sudden 'looks down' on people for something I can appreciate. Toke on fellow blades, live your life the way best suits you. :wave:

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