Sobering up in an hour and a half?

Discussion in 'General' started by Buddeh, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Anyone know how to sober up fast? Techniques you have used? Anything? I am kind of in a pickle, lol.
  2. Cold shower. Trust me, that will sober you up fast.
  3. Call the cops on yourself.
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  4. Sounds like it would work, considering I HATE cold showers.
  5. Damn man, I wish I could stay high for an hour and a half...
  6. put in some cleareyes and do some hard exercise won't feel completely sober but you'll pretty much look it
  7. throw yourself into moving traffic and then immidieately chug 3 monster evergy drinks. that should do the trick
  8. receive a pearl necklace..
  9. slap yourself in the face, and if that fails, jump off your roof
  10. Coffee and a cold shower.

    I reiterate DirtyPete's sentiments.
  11. You should be good in 90 minutes unless you got totally retarded. Go for a run, take a shower, and throw in some eye drops. Good luck mayne:)
  12. Go for a run. It's a lot of fun to do while you're high, but at the same time it should sober you up.

  13. This.
  14. A fat rail of cocaine will do the trick.

  15. Drop your nicest glass piece. or throw your wallet out the car window.

    But for real? No one knows your high unless you give it away and act like you are stoopid. Some techniques I use are a hot shower and a tall glass of iced coffee. :D
  16. Probably too late now, but masturbation seems to kill a high for a lot of people.
  17. cmon, u act like being stoned is like trippin on PCP or somethin

    u cant act normal when your high?

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