Sober today....gahhhhh

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by El_Caterpiller, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. well I have weed, and I have some hash...but I am not smoking..I promised my girlfriend that I would not smoke today...and so far so good...I got up at 9:00 Am today and have not smoked.....

    NOW some of you may say I am a pussy....but FUCK THAT....I like to get high I LOVE it.....
    and today is boring as FUCK !

    GAWD !!!!
  2. that was an awesome real life story

  3. anytime bro, I got tons. It's gotta be great if your commenting on it
  4. i feel ya. been smokin a lot lately, and i decided to quit smokin cigs yesterday. 2 days without a cig, 1 day without smokin bud. habits are hard to break, but we'll be stronger for it at the end of the day.
  5. Cool story, bro!
  6. Craiggers! Take this shit one at a time! Quit cigs first, but continue smoking reef, then quit reefer.

    You're biting off more than you can chew. :p
  7. yeah broseph! i was totally serious, kick ass story bra!
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    I know, I wanted to blaze it today.. but i got no money..
    sucks ass watching TV and actually know whats going on missing all the inner humor in everything
  9. I'm down to like .5 grams or less. I can easily get some later this month but until then I have to jump though hoops and go though a friend who goes though a friend and it's a pain.

    I'm thinking I will just take a t-break but I really don't want to.

  10. I have the money and I have the weed and hash...gahhh I just made a I am going to smoke tonight when I start to relax.
  11. I am sober today, as well, but I am liking it. Gonna blaze a fat bowl tonight, though. :smoking:
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    jah mon as am I !
  13. If you don't mind and it's not too personal, why did you promise not to smoke today? Sounds like there's a story :devious:
  14. Yea I know what you mean....its such a pain to get it at times makes it almost not even worth it...:(
  15. Good luck man. Idk bout you, but I like having sober gaps.. Just think bout all
    the shit you can do NOT high bro
  16. Take three days off-- or more. Abstinence just makes the high even better. There is no good with out the bad. Ying and yang, homie.
  17. i wanna go back to smoking everyday, been sober majority of the past 4 months. shit sucks..
  18. Switch to a vape and tell her to stick it ..
  19. Being sober sucks, that's why I stay high :smoking:

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