Sober for the ball drop

Discussion in 'General' started by Peseta, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Damnit. :( dealer is dry. :mad:
  2. I'm high af right now. And will be high af when the ball drops!
  3. I'm sober too because of family problems and probation.
  4. I'm sorry OP. I'll take a hit for you at 11:59:59, lol.
  5. Y u no have more dealers
  6. Oh damn :( No one to sesh with?

  7. Thank you :')
    @Dankslap I just moved here. I only got one :(

  8. Sad isn't?
  9. That is just terrible. But hey, Ill be smoking the last of mine when the ball drops. So were in the same boat.
  10. Thats ok OP i'll be high by myself because I have no friends in this town :(
  11. Aw, I feel your lonesome pangs. It's all just a matter of timing, lol. I'll smoke one for you tn!
  12. *E-hug* <3

  13. Shit, I feel you. Been in NY for 2 months (Lived back in PR) and got no friends. The bright side is I found 2 roaches. I'm crying for joy omg
  14. Awwww, guys <3 Sometimes being alone on big events is fun, well more interesting. It;s kind of cool to observe everyone celebrating and what not.

  15. haha, thank you downtosesh. Hopefully ill feel a buzz from you.
  16. True, you cant ask your dry dealer if he/she knows anyone?

  17. I don't think he's that kind. :(
  18. ^ man fuck dealers they are pricks. Start growing your own

    Fuck this I'm sitting here being all fucking depressed I'm gonna use this night to create some insane music. I don't give a fuck if no one hears it, I'm doing it for me

    Stay high GC
  19. What a douche . _.

  20. I don't think he's that kind. :(

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