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  1. hear me out for a second. the government has never liked people who are into the whole natural-save-the-world type stuff. who are the SoBe drinks marketed to? the natural-save-the-world types. ive noticed that the majority of people that drink SoBe also do drugs. wether it be good old mary jane, or mushrooms, or whatever. the government hate these people, and its obvious. what better way to get rid of them then to put stuff in "natural" drinks and market them to the people. the government experimented with mind control in the 60's, 70's and early 80's, and even worse is that they were successful. but after the tests in the 80's they said they halted all tests and destroyed anything that could be used to start the tests again. hmm, sounds like bullshit to me. get what im saying?
  2. i dunno. i was drinking some and realized it would make a good conspiracy theory.
  3. DUDE IT'S TRUE SOBE IS.................. good for you. no reason to talk about sobe and the government at the same time. go get some sobe. sobe loves you. you love sobe.
  4. Never even heard of it... Is it good? What kinda flavours does it have...?
  5. Why I've been drinking SoBe for years and gop fglh lg, ,gl bush is greatl[]d[d.lw kgkmhm;'dmarijuana is addictivejkfgj;d;s;,

    never felt better :) :p :)

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  6. CRANBERRY AND GRAPEFRUIT??? HOLYSHIT MAKE ME PUKE MY BRAIN OUT!!! :D Hehe, Orange and Carrot sounds good thou :)
  7. the government did studies with mass amounts of lsd, shock treatment, psychosis experiments, and looped tape recordings. they wiped the memories of more than 5 people completely. they say they never acually were able to fully control their minds, but i really dont believe that. i guarantee their still doing mind control studies. maybe not with Sobe........yet.
  8. SoBe is nice, but if my mind serves me right, its also pretty pricey... gimme a can of coke anyday.
  9. I agree, mjgarden. I'm pretty damned sure that mind control experiments are still being conducted.
    I watched a show (possibly the same show you watched) about the mind control experiments using sensory deprivation, WEEKS of high dose lsd tripping, electroshock therapy, hypnosis, looped tape recordings of to brainwash.
    Hell yeah, that's scary!

    They tried to experiment with hypnosis for possible use with captured Soviet Spys. If they could hypnotize the agents and give a posthypnotic suggestion that the agent would in turn gather knowledge about the soviets, and unknowingly divulge the information to us, all outside of the consciousness of the agent. Nifty? Then we could know what information not to give to the spy, or even misinform the spy. Then let him go home, and he can start collecting information for the USA with out even knowing it.
    If it's been thought of, it's been tested. The US government doesn't want to be left behind, and we can't have any other country coming up with this shit before we do!

    I'm curious as to what kind of mind control experiments they are carrying out in today's age. I remember that the big bitch about the experimenting of the past is that it was done without patient consent and in some cases without their knowledge. Makes me feel safe being an American!!! All in the name of National Security, though.

    (Can you imagine tripping for weeks?!?!?)

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  10. I don't think the government has plans to control all the minds of the world.
    But they do want to know what is possible, if not to learn what we can do to others, then to learn what others can do to us. Just knowing about it and learning about it makes us a wiser species. At least if we know about it, not only can we use it, but we can study it further to learn if there is an "antidote".
    People are just generally inquisitive. If the USA didn't do studies on mind control and another country did, and the other country found something; then that would leave the US at somewhat of a disadvantage. In a round about way, it is about maintaining "world domination", but more so just keeping up with the times and always being on the lookout for an advantage or new technique.

    I think it would generally be used on (for instance) POWs that we catch to “extract” information without torture (now there's a good use for non-painful mind control). We already know that sodium pentathol (sp?) is a "truth serum". That's mind control purely. I'm sure there are many other nifty little ways that people can be induced to do something against their conscious will.

    I'll have to check out that site! Nifty link (it's already bookmarked :))

    I kinda remember what this thread was about! What the hell, we're communicating and learning. It's all good!
  11. this thread almost makes me as paranoid as "The Matrix" movie. FrEaKy stuff here. any way, i beleve that the govt has the power to control ones mind, i meen. how the fuck could clinton get elected for a 2nd term and not get kicked out of office during his 2nd? clinton had so many fucking scandels tho he went through his term so easyly.
  12. someone asked who would they try and control. well at first, they would most likely do the tests in secret on very few people living in the US (keep in mind, they've already done this step). then they would try and incorporate it into warfare (they've done them on POW's, no doubt), then, they would VERY slowly do them on the population of the country (have they already started?). the government wants the ability to control the population, and what better way then through mind control. wether you believe this or not, the truth is that they did the tests more than once, and ruined more than one life in the process. its scares me, and in a year when im living in canada again, its still going to scare me.

    remember, spy satelittes can read the fine print on cigarette packs from space.

  13. i here about that a lot but i never here about satelittes that can here from far distances. do they have this? are they working on it? I bet they have it even tho that sound has to travel through some sort of matter (and in space there is nothing for sound to travel in) the eggheads that work for the govt probally found a way to make sound into signals for satelittes to read. So this is what the govt is doing now (pulled from threads in this board) They are looking through your house with thermal things while controling your mind so you can hold up your pack of camels so they can read the warning. lol

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  14. About hearing sounds from space: it's possible.

    I remember hearing of laser devices that can be pointed at a surface and read the vibrations on the surface. A laser pointed from space on (for instance) a house window could possibly transmit all the sounds in that room (possibly the entire house) to the satelite.
    I wonder if the neighbors think I'm crazy for waving to the sky sometimes? The occasional flipping of the bird too.
  15. lol sometimes i get paranoid and hold my house key under my thumb before it goes into the hole so spy satelittes cant see my key. but then i also hope its not an xray satelitte. lol
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  16. tho school is almost out for me. the just put in a SoBe vending machine. not the government is tring to take over the next generation!
  17. i think that theres something in all those energy drinks too, like redbull and that new mountain dew one :p
  18. drink ice tea and smoke ya herb.
    The best energy trick around.. works for me...
  19. mmm strawberry kiwi is my fav!!!! mmmmm!!!!

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