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Soapbar - Just Say No to polluted hash!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by deniro69, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Hi there

    i know from personal expericnce about soapbar but i wanna warn ppl thats maybe havnt heard of it or are smoking it today how dangerous this form of weed is.

    When i first started smoking it was on this form of weed and i'm sad to say i continued to smoke it for many years only recently found out what stuff is put into it and thats its hardly weed at all.

    Its called saopbar cuz when they buy the 250g bar it looks like a block of soap and the look resembles solid hash but thats where the simularitys end

    This is the main reason i started growing!!

    SOAPBAR is perhaps the most common type of hash in the UK and it is often the most polluted. here is a list of things that an average bar can contain...

    Beeswax, turpentine, milk powder, ketamine, boot polish, henna, pine resin, aspirin, animal turds, ground coffee, barbiturates, glues and dyes plus carcinogenic solvents such as Toluene and Benzene

    What to do if all you can get is dodgy soap bar,,,,

    In a saucepan or metal bowl (better), boil up a small amount of water (perhaps to a depth of 2 cm or so)

    Add your yucky sample of crap soap

    Simmer gently and crush the hash block

    The water will more than likely turn yellow, brown and foamy due to the alll the crap dissolving out. I would suggest boiling a 2nd or 3rd time to make sure u get all the crap out.

    When the hash has all powdered up, drain the water off as much as you can and leave the hash to dry still in the bowl in a well vented area (in front of a fan exhaust or desk fan will help speed things up)

    Once it has dryed it will change colour become very grainy and fluffy and resemble skuff.

    As cannabis oils are not soluble in water so the potency of what you have won't be too badly damaged and given what comes off it's said to be well worth it

    You'll also have a lot smaller stash at the end of this though but it will take less for you to get stoned and you will get alot more stoned then just smoking it in the orginal form so it should last longer.

    Join me in saying "NO" to crap hash, tell your friends, tell your dealer!!!

    -DeN- :wave:

  2. hmm i've heard that word before but I didnt know it was hash

  3. That suxs, how did you find out something like this, or were you just supicious the entire time and it just tasted like soap. People just want to add weight, just use water, what would be ppl's motivation behind this. This is a good reason to legalize ppl's health is at risk,and gov. knows the law isnt gonna stop them from toking.
  4. Also the reason i started to grow.
    You can buy good quality grass in Scotland,
    But you pay through the nose for it.
    Smoked soap for years, while its not all bad.....i find alot of it is :(
  5. smoked it since i was a wee lad no idea why they polute it so bad prolly just to gain extra weight and the chems in it gives u a buzzy high (solvents) with a dead head feeling and nasty comedown of some batches headaches and spikes ur lungs so u cough like an old dude

    i boil mine or used to no need now i got a sea of green in my closet lol

    basicly if u suspect ur weed is soap it will stink of (henna) and have a yellowish tinge to the bar and will contain forienge objects in like plastic.

    It will crumble real easy with little heat but form back up fast and become rock solid and leave yellow ish crumble stains in the in print of ur finger!

    Boiled Soap does not smell of anything! and will get you 50% more stoned as a result

    also when u boil it whoooaaa baby make sure to open them windows and get rdy to be stinked out to hell lol

  6. hahaha if thats ALL you can get, you dont deserve to be on this forum. might as well start smokin cigs or somethin'
    edit- glad you started growin' mate

  7. basicly i thought this was weed (young and nub) lol and it is to an extent the boiled remains of a block is pritty decent hash

    everyone i knew smoked it so it was widly accepted to be weed i found my main first block of the stuff in my dads wallet LoL
    he asked me why i smoked it one time and i said cuz i got it from ur wallet needless to say he nvr botherd me about it again after that!

    I found out about it through "talk to frank" its a uk based drugs query site

    UK is pritty crap for dope most ppl in my area sell soapbar

    there is afew dealers that do sell green but its real expensive and usualy u dont get much for your cash (lots of stems n sticks)
    1gram green = 23$ if your lucky an 8th = 35-50$
  8. lol in the picture i totally agree with the red 'WTF' pointing to that garbage schwag
  9. well if there is no skunky about im gonna get som HAHAHAHA, screw that man. its a godsend in droughts.
  10. Wtf this shit is liek hrad drugs now. that shit is wack and lame. Say no to soap!!! the weed kind. wash yourself though. :bongin:
  11. Beeswax,maby
    turpentine, maby
    milk powder, maby
    ketamine,NO!(maby once EVER)
    boot polish,yes
    henna, yes
    pine resin,yes
    animal turds,sometimes
    ground coffee, yes
    glues and dyes.yes
    opium, NO!(maby twice)

    ITS NOT THAT BAD. its sumthing to smoke when your gaging....... dont look at me like that!
  12. LMAO @ "animal turds,sometimes"

    dude them turds must get u baked i bet :eek:
  13. good luck on your grow, and idk the only close to that for me was this headies i got once that smelled like perfume, but i think thats just a mistake in the growing technique,. o well dont got that anymore anyways, getting good shit that I know isn't even messed with. People who put soap in bud are the real criminals, yes i know it started with u.s but why is the world in general so anti-pot, good your taking action about it and just not accepting as it is, respeckt. :smoking:
  14. thx dude my plants r doing pritty nicely learnt a hell of alot this grow

    id post some pics but my digicam died on me maybe when there abit further into flowering I will try loan one too let u all see :smoking:

    whats "Headies"?

    nvr heard of the term b4...

    Peace :cool:
  15. i dont use/like the term but i think hes referring to some high quality dope
  16. Does anyone have any pics of what soapbar hash looks like? ohh I see, I think I might have some, fuck, what does henna smell like?
  17. all the yellow grainy stuff is henna i think it seems to smell like

    um kinda funky abit like boot polish or musky oily sent (leaves a taste in your mouth) its easyly mistaken for a weed like smell to an untrained nose

    kinda hard to describe its been like 1-2 month since i had any.

    if u brake off a lil and desolve it in water it should turn the water yellow if you boil your whole block your house will stink of the same smell as it disolves away
  18. I dont understand why the british isles are so shitty for good weed. I mean there are growers on here from england how come they dont sell any... like if for no other reason than to try and prevent at least a few folks from smoking that soapbar shit and to spread the word on what good but actually is. i dunno, just my 2 cents. peace and good luck growin

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