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  1. I just read that soap is a great way to rid your plants of pests. Does anyone have experience w/ it? How strong of a solution do you mix? How do you apply to plants? Do you only apply to plant leaves?
  2. Hi.

    Alotta growers use it but its def not on my list of recommended products.

    When it comes down to it, there are only cons - no pros to using it.

    a) - it leaves a filmy residue that builds up over time on the leaf surfaces,
    causing the stomata to clog up and stop functioning (transpiration).

    b) - the filmy residue locks in moisture, leading to a plethora of mold and fungus probs.

    c) - most soaps have phosphates in them. Not the good kind that weed likes. The kind that leaches into our rivers, lakes and oceans - destroying the environment.

    I could go on and on, but...nuff said.

  3. Wow, thanks for the answer broke it down perfectly (+rep). Can you recommend any of your fav treatments for common pests?
  4. to much soap will kill your plant and the pest
  5. Hey, thanx for the kind words and rep.

    Since Im an oldskool stoner, I DO like to find the easiest, and quickest method possible.
    Im a very lazy stoner when it comes down to it.

    Each situation demands different war plans. I dont have a favorite, per se, but, if I can incorporate my target list into the fight, Im happy.

    My target list is this, in descending order of importance:

    # 1 - Will it harm the environment ???

    # 2 - Will it harm me, or those lucky people that I share my weed with ???

    # 3 - Will it harm the plants well-being in any way, and will it open up a Pandoras Box
    of future problems ???

    # 4 - Will it affect the plants yield and quality ???

    If I help someone out and this list is fulfilled and the pest is eradicated, I am an extremely happy camper man !!!

  6. Thanks again Freak!

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