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  1. I have heard that if you are spraying the plant and you dont want to get hot spots use can use some kinda soup,

    My Question is : Is this true and if it is what kinda soap and how much per liter to you use


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  2. I have never heard of this myself ....I don't what the experts might say ....I will let u know if I hear anything .... until u know for sure ...don't use any soap....

    The Dude Abides...
  3. I have heard of people putting dish soap in there water to help the nutrients, but not to spray. Plus I'm not sure why you would be spraying your plants with water anyways??? Plus if its to keep the leaves healthy then where the hot spot is at the top of the plants there new leaves anyways!!!!
  4. The easiest way to avoid hot spot for me is.... as soon as i spray them, I point the smallest fan to the plant... this makes all the water beads to drip off, and only leaves the with a glossy water coat, which doesnt even last more then 5 min.

    thats it..


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