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Soap bar?/ quality of hash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Lewis Loves Sku, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. #1 Lewis Loves Sku, Apr 28, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2016
    I just purchased 7 grams of hash for £40 ($60). I usually only smoke green (leafy, bud) but I fancied a change and purchased hash from a friend of a friend. As stated i'm not a hash smoker and I've only had hash in Amsterdam or when someone has given me a couple draw on their hash spliff. Just wondering if it's 'soap bar'? & i'm curious of the quality in general because if it's poor I won't buy hash from the friend again.

    The hash can be seen in the images below and is rock hard and requires heat from a lighter to break up. It's quite crumbly and smells nice when smoked.
    Cheers! Happy toking!

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    Throw that shit away.

    I have been offered a 9 Ounce-bar for £30, and told the guy to ram it.

    Cheap as shit for a reason.
  3. How can you tell? What are the giveaways? When i light the block it gives off white smoke and is crumbly
  4. Too dark and hard looking.
    See the lines in a couple of your pics.? That is probably a layer of burned plastic, made by the rolling procedure.
    If you want to persevere with it, the only way it will hit you is if you burn enough for 2 spliffs, then mix it into a yoghurt and eat.
    2 hours later you will indeed get a hit.
    If you smoke that though, you will get a hacking cough, a headache, and a horrible smell. God only knows what you are inhaling. So don`t.

    Over to you tho` man. It`s your lungs.....
  5. Oh, and you should never ever have to burn hash to break it up.
    Either it powders in your hand when you rub it.......?

    Or you thow it to fuck.
  6. Its burning white smoke, because of the white spirits. Soap bar has feich all resin in it, coffee powder for colour makes it the colour you have now amd white spirits for the shine. And a shitload of other bad shit. Iv seen it been made. And also if you live in uk watch out for the feichers selling dabs. There reselling the buds thats been used to make the dabs. Beacuse its only been soaked in alcohol to drench it from its goodness, the useless buds are redried and sold. This is common in the uk now. Iv seen it happen

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  7. Fair enough pal, thanks for responding with a real answer. I just realized why its called soap box as well, d'oh! I'll take the £40 loss on the chin and bin it.
    (I did just smoke a fat zoot of it & it gives off a very euphoric high tbh haha!)

    I only smoke green & typically it's of fine quality so when I got a block weighing 7g for £40 I thought it was suspect.

    Where is this hash coming from & at what stage is shit being added? I'm guessing Morocco to Holland but how in 2016 are these clowns getting away with it?

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