Soaking roaches in Alcohol?

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  1. This method will work for making hash oil from flowers, trim, kief, hash, whatever if you like. Its really just a method of qwiso extraction
  2. About to do one myself. Same position don't have to but going to was even going to use bud with it not great quality not for smoke everyday person. 5 gram prescription. But as post-dated looking from some kick-ass potent knock you on your ass stuff I'm thinking turning into an edible. Hold on, no gross yet. Different kind of edible put it into capsules and swallow. How about that . I think that would work?
  3. I’d make hash caps or butter with all that stuff.
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  4. Gotta love some good old terpy resin hash. Always goes great with a bowl of resin toast crunch too. [​IMG]
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  6. New chems? Youd be smoking them while the blunts fresh bro they dont magically appear when you dock it.
  7. You can make qwiso with anything that contains THC. Problem is, it'll taste like whatever it came from. If you really want to extract from roaches, a good bet would be to cut off the burnt part of the roach, leaving only the saturated paper and the green bits left in it. The upside of extracting this way is you can recycle some of the THC lost to the roaches without it being too gross, but the down side is the qwiso you make will have elevated levels of benzene and other toxins in it... and it'll taste roachy. Still, could work for canna caps, I guess.
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  8. I've tried unrolling the roaches that's not the best way. I have found that the best way is to cut all the burnt stuff off the end of all the roaches I gather about an ounce of roahes first. Then I take the roaches in the papers yes and I put it in a jar and cover it just enough with everclear or any other 180 190 proof you cannot use isopropyl alcohol while you can but it's not good for you. And then I take that jar put it in the freezer overnight The next day strain all the roaches out throw them away and put the liquid on a silicone surface. Then I take that stuff and after it has evaporated scrape it etc decarb it for 15 minutes at 240.. sometimes only 5 or 10 minutes depending on how much it bubbles up. The only way I will use this is to put it in gummy edibles. The sugar and sweetness covers up the roach taste It even helps if you put a few nerds in the bottom of the mold before pouring the jello mixed with your oil. they are very very very potent you are missing out on something if you do not utilize your roaches I mean I'm not poor by any means and I can afford to get more smoke but this is just a waste and I was taught as a young child not to waste lol I would suggest however being very careful because You could over consume if you do you will feel drunk lol
  10. You definitely have to strain them I forgot to add that ... Unbleached coffee filter in a strainer should work.
  11. Seems like alot of effort and steps to fuck up.
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  12. Best cereal since Captain Chronic. a2322502330_16.jpg
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  13. I'd probably just get rid of the paper, grind it into a powder, and just sprinkle a little on bowls. or in joints if I smoked joints. But in my defense, I'm lazy af.
  14. I've got big jar of it saving it for a rainy day...

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