Soaking cannabutter in everclear to clean it?

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  1. I was told that when making cannabutter the thc binds with the butter on a molecular level but there are other solubles in the butter when you soak it too long, this is the green tint in the butter.

    I know that when you soak MJ in alcohol too long it also gains a dark green tint, I'm guessing these are the same things that turn the mixtures green.

    My question is can you melt the cannabutter and mix that with 190 proof everclear to essentially "clean" the butter of green solubles while still not extracting the thc from the butter since its been bound on a "molecular level"

    The way that I would get the cleaned butter out of the alcohol would be to freeze it and strain through a mesh filter and from there it can be placed in the oven or on the stove at a vey low temp to evaporate remaining alcohol
  2. I don't think so as thc dissolves in both alcohol and fat so you could be loosing some of your thc if you discard the alcohol.

    My method for the purest butter is lots of water and multiple refining. Melt the butter with a lot of water 10x the butter or so. Soak the bud in the mixture, don't boil it just keep it warm and soaked. Refridgerate the mixture and the butter separates from the water. Pour off water and scrape off the "sludge" on the bottom of the butter. Then melt butter in water, refridge, discard water a few more times. The thc is bonded to the butter so each cycle will just eliminate more plant matter and make the butter less pot tasting and looking. Works pretty good, my cookies always taste great and I doubt you would even know they were pot cookies if I didn't tell you first.
  3. I personally just take my weed (about an oz of top quality bud) and do a 10 second wash in everclear and just pour the pale mixture into a Pyrex with 1 stick of butter and let sit inside a warm water bath and stir often until all alcohol is gone.
    This yields a butter that is both potent and easy to make without having the hassle of washing out the green chlorophyll with multiple water washes even though that can be done anyways if the alcohol you soaked your MJ in turned green during the first step then it is a good idea to wash it in hot water to get out the green water solubles.
    The reason I do it this way is because its the fastest way to make potent tasteless butter, the only thing I've ever tried that works better than this process is dissolving bho inside your butter to result in a brown colored butter.

  4. I use a similar method to yours for my butter. I use a Green/Gold Dragon with the butter and then reduce the alcohol off. This is called a solvent transfer and it allows you to make your butter/oil to the potency you want. I use a fluid ounce of my GD in however much butter the recipe calls for. For me, that makes a minimum of 20 excellent servings. You can do the same for oils or honey, too. It makes a perfect butter with no cannabis taste or smell, light green or gold in color. :)
  5. Lets say i make some cannabutter and soak it in a small amount of 99% alcohol.

    Will the thc stay melted into the butter or will it be dissolved by the alcohol?

    THC is soluble in both alcohol and fat, so which would have the thc inside it?

    From there is it a temperature dependent reaction?

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