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Soaking bud in hash oil?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SplitGenetics, May 5, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if anybody soaks bud in hash oil for a bit & smoke it later on? Ive tried it a few times but never gave it time to sit & kinda dry in the buddha.. how long should I let it sit for after soaking in the BHO?
  2. I mean it doesn't really matter how long you let it sit, yes I always put some BHO in my joints and such
  3. Isn't this called "caviar" and sold for crazy money at dispensaries?
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    idk but hash oil is bangin as hell, just one or 2 drops & ya goooooood to go lol
  5. So I soaked a bowls worth of buddha in a decent amount of oil (like 5-6 drops) and let it soak for 30 minutes & let it dry for 1 hour under a small fan & just started smoking it in my pipe.. pretty nice so far, deff feeling pretty nice, but also has 1.5 shots of vodka in just 5 minutes ago when I started puffing. . .
  6. I just rub hash oil on a joint or blunt with some dank in it thats a good smoke :bongin:....Also just spread the hash oil on a few bud's and smoke a bowl gets u blazed
  7. yeah, that's what I thought
  8. #8 Flemian, May 6, 2011
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    If that's the case Im about to do that and advertise around My town.
  9. Soaking in BHO? If I had a dish full of oil and tried to put a nug in it, it would just sit on top. How runny is your oil?
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    Its lower grade oil but it deff gets the job done. It isnt that good stuff the dispensaries have. Unfortunately our state doesnt provide herbal help in any way/shape/form
  11. yea it works well normally use joint papers but buds work then dip it in kief after the oil

  12. I could picture taking a fluffy airy nugget and soaking it in BHO, letting it dry a until tacky, roll in kief, dip, dry, roll until satisfied.
  13. yes you can do it and it works very well
  14. heres some caviar..we sell this at my work

    shit is amazing

    golden goat bud saturated in golden goat hash oil then rolled in golden goat keif

  15. lol what is that like 1500 an ounce?
  16. not that expensive...25$ a gram at my work
  17. really? wow i never would of imagined it being that cheap
  18. i think the oil soaked bud is rolled in keif then left to dry thats how we do it here/ thats what we call caviar. But your right it is pricey!

  19. I live in Florida, so I have no MMJ either. From what I hear, it's easy to make better oil than you get at a dispensary. They tend to use trim and such. Why do you make "lower grade oil?" Are you using low grade bud? You can still make decent BHO by using less butane and a good stove purge.
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    I don't make the shit though, just got extremely good prices on it. I got pics on some other threads.. its not too bad, but I heard you can make 1g of good bho out of 5-7 g's of bud?

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