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soaking a pipe to get resin off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Eastcoastfunk, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. will soaking a hand held pipe for about 5 minutes in warm to hot water damage the pipe or will it be perfect for getting the hard dried resin out to smoke
  2. I've never actually tried water (not sure how well that would really work). The way I find works best is letting them sit in rubbing alcohol (a high percentage) for awhile and it melts right off.. if you wanna smoke the resin your gnna have to let the alcohol evaporate first but its a good way to get your piece clean
  3. Use isopropyl alcohol
  4. the higher % the faster it will evaporate
  5. By far the greatest way to clean a pipe is to put it in a plastic bag, with some iso alcohol and some kosher salt. Shake it around in the bag for a little bit. It will be clean in about thirty seconds. You may have to give it a few washes in the bag if it is too dirty. This is by far the greatest way to wash a pipe. A hot water soak will not do much. Just iso alcohol will do a little bit better then warm water. But iso and salt is the best. The salt acts as a grip to pull the resin off.
  6. Evaporating dirty rubbing alcohol to harness your pipes tar, now that's a fiend move. :rolleyes:
  7. You should just clean your pipe and re-up instead of smoking that nasty black crap!
  8. lol yeah but when you go dry trust me its the best way to get every bit of resin...the salt things works really good to but ive never tried it that way then smoked (would it have a salty taste is what im wondering i guess)
  9. Get some rubbing alcohol lets the resin rub right off, with some salt, not sure if just hot water works, didn't work with my bong when i tryed it ages ago.
  10. I thought you were just trying to clean your pipe, not smoke what you get out. Honestly, I would not reccomend that. Pipe resin has very low THC content. Just because it looks like hash, doesn't mean it is! The most you will get out of smoking that is probably a bad taste, a headache, and a very dirty feeling high. You really shouldn't even bother.
  11. ive gotten blaaazzedd off of a small amount of resin. it does taste bad though.

  12. That nasty black crap can fuck you up real good though :cool:
  13. I have too, but I hated the high, the taste, and it gave me a headache. Really not worth it in my opinion. I don't believe I even really got high. It was more of a cloudy headed feeling that gave me the feeling of being high.
  14. maybe the fact that all i do is smoke low quality herb contributes to the fact that i thought the high was great.. wish i didnt live where i do :(
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    Don't worry, man.

    At some point, everybody ends up finding a high quality connect. I used to be the same way. I would usually smoke about a half ounce of regs a week. Then out of nowhere, I found a dealer who has by far the greatest quality I have found in Minniscrotum.

    Try asking your dealer if he has some HQ. Alot of times, dealers will sell regs or mids, because it is cheaper and you actually make more money off of, and then they will keep the dank (I really hate that word for some reason....) for thereselves.
  16. i think he does sell "kush" at $180 a quarter(LoLLL), he also says that the only difference between it and his 50q is taste..

    its whatever, im plenty satisfied with 25q

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