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Soak grinder in Everclear?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ktoke, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. I've probably ran an oz or 2 through my grinder in the time I've had it, and last night when I was looking at it I noticed there's a lot of kief in the treads and stuff. I've heard you can soak it in Isopropyl, then evaporate it for hash.
    I'm just wondering, could I use EverClear instead of Isopropyl? And do you guys have any tips for getting hash from a grinder?
  2. Dude I would not go smoking any shit that you have soaked up in a chemical and then evaporated, because I guarantee you some chemicals will stay in there when you evaporate it. I would never use a chemical to ghet kief out of a grinder, just use a q-tip to swipe it all out (the cotton buds like you use to clean your ears). You could use a butter knife or something to gently scrape the screen if its a 4 piece, but i wouldnt go dissolving shit in chemicals to smoke. As for using everclear or whatever it is to clean it, go ahead. Any substance that dissolves something will be good, as long as it doesn't eat away at the actual grinder. I use some shitty isopropyl and a q tip in between the teeth when i clean my 2 piece space case, i guess you could use a qtip to scrub away at the screen if its a 4 piece too
  3. Green is organic, thats the beauty of it, so personally, I would not go messing with that by getting the hash out of my grinder by chemical forms, you'll most likely end up smoking something you don't want to be at all. 
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    thats why u use alcohol. it's not chemicals that fuck up your bud
  5. Soak in everclear then let everclear evaporate.  Scrape up and enjoy, or purge longer in vac chamber.  ^ Not trying to be a dick, but you really don't fully understand what you are talking about.  Chemical extractions can be extremely clean.  Also everclear is basically just ethanol which is safe for human consumption.  When vaporized it is completely safe.  Use 190 proof though as 151 has sugars and spiramint added for flavor.  Lots of e-cig juice has ethanol in it that is what gives it a sweet taste when exhaled.
  6. ???
    Qwiso is totally safe dude you use the alcohol to get the kief out and then it evapotes away so you're left with nothing but the kief. If I used a cotton swab it'd all get stuck together, and I'd end up smoking cotton, which is more dangerous than Qwiso cuz while qwiso is pure hash, kief and cotton isnt pure hash.
    Do some research buddy, I'm not mixing Hydrochloric Acid with my bud, this is a tried and true method, I just want some opinions on the best way to go about it
  7. I realise that, but are you really telling me that any rubbing alchol is TOTALLY 100% pure and when it evaporates, will not leave ANYTHING behind for you to burn up and inhale into your body?
    I personally don't think thats the case.
    Rubbing alcohol=good for cleaning, NOT GOOD for getting your kief out your grinder
  8. Whatever you do don't use iso if you can avoid it.  IMG_0163.JPG   I made this by soaking old filters from winterizing runs while making bho in everclear.  Not much taste, but was very potent.
  9. Fair Fair, I'm just skeptical about it, I really don't know what I'm talking about at all, I just don't like the idea of inhaling something bad
  10. Just grab some hot dog tongs and a torch and heat that bitch up to 1,000F and get a few bad ass nose hits.
  11. I was referring to blazing forward when I said you didn't fully understand.  Sorry if anyone was confused.
  12. Yeh? I'm getting convinced here. I know, a cotton swab is only good for cleaning if you're going to be chucking the alcohol out. 
    Alright man, I was just giving you my own opinion
  13. I can totally understand that.  I know on the surface chemical extractions can turn some people off.  And you should be skeptical with all the "fail-tech" going around right now with chemical extractions.
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    The other part of purer alcohols is water. Wont hurt you a fucking bit.
    I ran a 5 gallon bucket of bud into BHO this morning so I know a whole bunch more about concentrates and safety then you do and am just nicely saying you dont know what the fuck you are talking about.
    Be more concerned with what the piece of shit grinder is made of.
  15. Take the kief from your grinder and add it into a mason jar. fill with alcohol until it's just hardly layered over the kief. shake. Screen the lid, drip liquid into a dish, and let it dry. toss the kief left behind. theres your hash
  16. Haha ok man calm yo titties, I was just skeptical. I've already said a few times I don't know what I'm talking about and I'm sure you do know one hell of a lot more about it than I do.
    If it is water then you're right, wouldn't hurt you at all, but I didn't know that, always better to be safe than sorry. 
  17. Honestly, I'd love to get just a straight forward answer on the best way to clean your grinder out without wasting the kief/hash. Seems like mine just gets too much kief stuck in the threads to the point it gets clogged...
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    Soak grinder in everclear.  190 proof is def preferable.  Take solution and pour through unbleached coffee filter to catch any contaminants, plant matter, etc.  Evaporate solution in clean pyrex dish.  Do this in a well ventilated, dust free room.  Blow air over it with a fan to speed up evaporation.  After all alcohol is evaporated scrape up pyrex using a clean razor blade, paint scraper.  Enjoy.  This can also be done with 190 iso.  Basically just making QWISO, or Quick Wash ISOprophyl hash.  There are plenty of good threads with the same method, but you soak straight, bud or trim.
    Stop using a grinder, its an unnecessary piece of shit in the first place.
  20. Put 1-2 tablespoons of ISO alcohol in your grinder and screw the lid back on.  Hold tight and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds (you may get some ISO on your hands).  Open your grinder and pour the ISO on a flat ceramic plate and let it evaporate.  Once it looks dry, scrape it up and enjoy your grinder hash.

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