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    This asshole,Anthony,that is his real name I am not going to try to hide his real identity.

    fuck here is his myspace for all I give a fuck, bombard him and tell him how much he likes to suck dick.
    Make my revenge sweeter. You will see why.

    This motherfucker is the bigges douche bag I know, he is a fucking idiot and a backstabber. He also looks pretty fucking terrible, smells funny, and has the worlds most god awful voice, like a gay guy on helium pretty much. ( No offense to our homosexual stoner brethen)


    I forgot what day it was but I was over at his girlfriends house, who happens to be the girl I have known for over 5 and half years. We are pretty chill with each other. Well I am chillin with her godfather Jay, well me and Jay are watching tv in the basement, she is at work and he is upstairs well he comes down, and I go well he smokes as well so I go ahead and pack the bowl and we go outside the house to smoke it. Well we come back in and chill and talk and shit well it gets late and shit and he is all like, thanks man, i really needed to smoke.

    Seeing as he is my friends bf I am like no problem, I say my goodbyes and we go about our buisness.


    Saturday night.

    I get a text from her, saying Anthony told her that I smoked him up and brought pot in her house and how overly upset she was and could hardly work! Well I laugh at that, she is a waitress at Waffle House, 3rd shift, 9 p.m.-7 a.m. Stoners and drunks, right? Real hard shit.

    But the fact is, I dont know why she is blowing a gasket, cause the irony is she has been smoking with her boyfriend. I think what made him tell, is I wouldnt go to the grocery store with them one night?

    Wow. That is the most epic way I have ever known to cause the complete utter dismay and destruction of happy fucking family. I will destroy them. I have the power. They have done so much shit. He is on probation, all I have to do is call the probie officer, which I am, and tell her I saw him smoking a joint. She has been smoking and has a child. That is a great way to get that child ripped from your hands in my opinon. It is so easy, but I am not going to do any of that drastic shit. That is last resort.

    And I am still trying to wrap my mind around why he told, and I am also tired of her acting like I dont matter anymore. I mean really, to be honest, she is a slut, I dont give a fuck anymore what she thinks about me. She has had a kid at 18 cause she told me so many guys have came in her before and she never got preggy.

    It isnt her house.Simple as that, fuck she barely makes enough money for one to say she even works really. He dosent even have a job and I think he refuses to get one myself.

    So anyway, shit is about to hit the fan for his truck though which is always parked outside her house which is right across the street from mine.

    I think I am going to have a friend of mine drop me off up the street, and I am going to wear a black hoodie and shit, and I am going to key his truck the fuck up and slash his tires and shit, fuck his old beaten truck up, for it his pride and joy.

    I am pissed off at that motherfucker cause he now has ruined a good friendship and pretty much got me in trouble again for smokin.

    TLDR Version:

    I smoked this fucker up, he told, ruined a friendship, got away scot free, so now I am going to fuck his truck up.


    Thank You for reading.
  2. dude.. stop letting your emotions cloud your judgement. i know your pissed, id be mad as fuck too, but think about strategy. calling his P.O.. yeah, good thinking, cept for the fact youd completely fuck this girls relationship and life up too. shes stil got a kid to worry about, and she DOES have to work. dont dog her for her life choices, just stop giving a fuck. it was her fault she got pregnant. let her deal with the conciquences of her actions, and let her deal with this jerk off cause its going to get you no where ratting him out. stop for a second and think about it man, karma pays back. this girl is going to get whats coming to her eventually cause she cant make the right choice. and so is this guy if hes smoking on probation and ratted u out for being nice.

    edit: and calling his PO makes you no better than him.
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    She could have asked him "Oh what did you do today", and maybe he replied "Just chilled and smoked with [Applegarth]".

    You said that they have smoked together, so maybe Anthony thought it would be no big deal if he told her that you brought pot over?

    I must be missing something...

    Edit: Either way, you're the one coming across as the asshole here, in my opinion.
  4. have a cry, get some real problems
  5. Wow. Somebody has some real issues, and I am not so sure it's Anthony.
  6. you kind of remind me of that crazy ass girl from next friday scratching up cars and breaking windows and shit and causing all kinds of havoc. fuck it he ratted you out, fuck em, hes the one that ratted you out so blame him, but don't go around fuckin scratching peoples cars and shit, just let it be, and calling his P.O, you serious? thats messed up, just fuck it, friends come and go,and many are a dime a dozen
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    love is blonde... blind i mean:eek:...or do i

    btw... i petetion a close of this thread on the grounds that it discloses someones identity without their disclosed permission... defamation perhaps? who knows... just close it? :)
  8. Chill. Out. Dude.
  9. Lame. Get some real problems. Yous sound like one of those whiny ass teenage blonde girls who cry about everything.
  10. wow - talk about over reacting

    so you're going to ruin someones car, potentially fuck up someones life, not to mention potentially put a kid into care

    and for what - because it sounds to me like you're upset about nothing?

    and why is this guy a douche - because he mentioned to his g/f that you smoked him out - he might have mentioned it perfectly innocently but you have to go online and post his myspace account, slag him off and threaten to destroy his personal property and potentially ruin his life and others

    jesus christ kid - what are you going to do when you grow up and someone actually does something worth getting upset about?

    i'll bet you haven't even talked to the guy!

    grow the fuck up
  11. This isnt fuckin /b/ dude.

    FFS, these immature kids are really startin to piss me off.
  12. I couldn't agree more. Sadly I doubt there is any way to really stem the tied of angst filled irresponsible children who flood this board. I really feel bad for the mod team having to deal with all the crap like this.

    I reported this thread immediatly this morning, hopefully it will be deleted soon. Trying to enlist GC blades to join in a vendetta over such petty shit is just disgusting.

  13. i know!

    Even worse man, check this

    4567 post!
  14. I don't know if I have understood the post correctly, but, you want to send you friends boyfriend to jail and strip her of her child because she got mad at you?

    And on top of that you want us to spam their myspaces? (Because thats clearly as bad, or worse, than having your child taken from you or going to prison)

    Lol, grow up -rep
  15. I know, its pathetic.
  16. Sounds like someone is in love, and jealous....ahhh it's so sweet. I honestly don't see why she flipped shit... I don't see why it matters so much if you don't care about her, which means you do, so me thinks you like her and are jealous.
  17. HIGH All, who keeps swimming up river and Spawning these guys...Thread Closed
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