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  1. So everyone here knows that marijuana, opium, and cocaine are illegal because they were used as a form of social control in America and Canada against the Chinese, Africans, and Hispanics during the early 20th century. In contrast, alcohol and tobacco were the "white mans" drug hence not being subjected to the same policies despite both those two drugs causing more deaths per year than the aforementioned drugs.
  2. Ummm...good for you.

    Tobacco was actually first used by Native Americans. Alcohol has been around for a long time. I think it was either the Egyptians or the Mayans that made it. IDK, IDC
  3. Yeah, egyptions first made beer, and native americans have used tobacco, even Europe used tobacco before us becuase we used to be a part of the UK
  4. By "White man's drug" I'm sure he means Americans already had extreme leverage in the markets for those drugs, while the non american drugs were new and they couldn't touch them.
  5. yup, that's the way it is. If prohibition works, then how come marijuana is almost as popular as alcohol now? When it was prohibited only a small population used it, now 40% have admitted using it.

    Im white as can be and know about 3 people who i can get my weed from, and not all of them are dealers....
  6. Fun fact-They say alcohol helped change humans from hunter gatherers into Farmers because They started growing wheat on a large scale in order to make alcohol
  7. Lol, this thread went totally passed you guys. In America, tobacco/cigarettes were given to soliders during WW1 and WW2 - It was a huge incentive back then.

    As far as alcohol goes, it was prohibited for a short period of time mainly due to the catholics in america that were threatened by the protestants from europe.

    The main point of this thread was to illustrate that opium, cocaine, and marijuana, are illegal for political purposes and not because they are harmful or anything to that nature.

    I'm not making this up, this is articulated throughout the academic world, so go argue with scholars from ivy league schools such as Harvard and Yale.
  8. i dont really like MJ that much tbh but i am for legalization

    actually i think hard drugs should be legalized too, if people want them let them have it. I don't want them even if they are given to me for free, and they have been offered to me. Throwing people in prison doesn't do anything. Treating people for addiction may work only if the person wants it. If they don't want to change they will just keep doing it.

    but at least regulated, it'd be a bad idea for kids to be able to get cocaine from a vending machine. Or even MJ.

    But that's my 2 cents. Oh yeah i have no idea what you were discussing I just felt like saying this.
  9. I think all drugs should be decriminalized since it is a waste of money to put certain drug offenders in jail, but i dont think all should become legal... I mean, when heroin was legal it caused a lot of problems.
  10. I think I know what you mean like during slavery slave owners gave slaves cocaine, I think, I'm pretty sure, and it helped them work longer not feel pain, etc. But that doesn't really have anything to do with our CURRENT policy on drugs, I don't think the founders gave a shit about any drugs, drugs of any kind weren't outlawed for a while, when people noticed they might do more harm then good and made them illegal, they were just fixing a problem. The majority of drugs were made illegal in the early 20 th century and slavery was ended almost 40 years before, so that really doesn't have any correlation to anything, other than the fact that people were dying from cocaine, heroin, opium, etc.

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