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  1. who was watching the tornado in moor, ok live?

  2. How many people died?
  3. tons. its actually incredibly horrific. probably even worste than the f5 that tore through oklahoma in 1993.
    a wallmart, a movie theatre, a home depot, hundreds of houses & two elementary schools were completely destroyed. almost 50 ppl are confirmed dead & the same number of kids from one of those two schools are presumed dead.
    its uh, pretty fuckin bad. i switched from battlefield to the weather channel and watched it live for like 10 minutes until it randomly just disappeared.
    i've been waiting on someone to make a thread about it..
  4. We won't know for a while. Emergency crews can't even get through the rubble to a majority of places. So sad...  :( 
  5. Sad as fuck. It took almost the EXACT same path as the May 3rd 1999 one took. Same nieghborhood and everything. Thats a sign that you absolutely don't want to live in Moore.
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    it's incredibly MORONIC
    to live where tornadoes commonly strike. pack up your shit and leave instead of rebuilding and staying in the same area risking your life. i don't feel bad for any moron who chooses to live near tornadoes
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    No pity for them, I see. :laughing:
  8. @A Rational Psychopath
    no pity for thine souls
    You know literally almost everywhere in the US that's not in Tornado alley is either an earthquake hotspot or prone to hurricanes? It's just a pick your poison situation.
    not really. basically everywhere up here in the northeast we're fine. earthquakes don't happen that often. tornadoes are to be expected, hurricanes are as well
    The odds of dying in a tornado in tornado alley is 1/7000. You're far far more likely to die in a car accident, but people still drive. :p 
    I wouldn't want to live in an area like that either. But that area has a higher tornado risk, the northeast has a higher flood risk, south coast has a higher hurricane risk, northwest has a higher earthquake risk, west coast has a higher tsunami risk, there's no escaping natural disasters no matter where you are. 
  12. Nature is a bitch everywhere you go in the world. Even if you find a place that doesn't really have natural disasters, the conditions are usually still extreme enough to make you miserable.
    is it? haha, damn. alright fair enough, but still i wouldn't want to live where tornadoes are present, nor hurricanes. that's why i like it up here in NJ. it's a bit of city, not too hot and not cold. besides hurricane sandy we normally have no severe weather occurrences to look out for :smoke:
    I agree there. No way would I ever want to live in tornado alley. Fuck that. I'm scared enough of earthquakes being here in the PNW. :p 
  15. Still sad to see people perish in a natural disaster.
  16. I live in Missouri where that massive tornado did all that damage and killed all those people in Joplin a couple years ago.  I am trying pretty hard to convince my fiance that we need to move to the mountains of Denver where this sort of shit never happens.  Plus legal weed.  
    She is terrified of tornadoes so maybe with this 2nd disaster hitting so close to home, I can gain some ground on convincing her.
  17. The fucked up part was that the schools hit didn't have tornado shelters. I couldn't imagine putting my kid in a school that doesn't have one.

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