Discussion in 'General' started by DailyDealer, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. So i got this canna butter. and i cant cook it right now so how else can i take it i don't have capsules or anything can i just put it on something and eat it?
  2. Butter some toast with it bud-dy..

    Use alot and eat a few pieces because you'll need a good amount of budder depending on the strength
  3. Make popcorn.
    Melt cannabutter in microwave.
  4. dam i can just melt it on the stuff? fuck i was told i had to cook it in the stuff. and omg i need to put it in the fridge it is liquid right now
  5. Keep it cold. Also im assuming how this works.

    Cannabutter, butter, just my thinking though. Plus what I would do if i had it.

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