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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Blocko, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. What music do you like when you're blitzed?

    I'm a strange mix of sublime, trance, rock, and some tenacious D.
  2. sublime, pink floyd, 311, incubus, doors, bob marly.... the same type of music i listen to when im sober. it just sounds a little better when im high :smoke:
  3. Anything....

    Rock, Screw mostly, Some Floyd, Marley, I really don't care.

    Favorite Song Stoned is Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. I really really hate them but I love that song its the meaning of tranquility.
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    I dont mean to be an asshole, but there must be hundreds of these topics on these boards.
    We got a music board too....
  5. Phish

    It's a shame they are breaking up
  6. Kottonmouth Kings are my favorite to listen to when I am stoned. They are like this Psychadelic/Hip-Hop/Rock act. Cypress Hill is good too. Some rap is good but only becuz the beats is what sounds good to me. Sometimes metal bands are good. Killswitch Engage or Shai Hulud is very thought provoking music.
  7. umm definitely pink floyd............
  8. Sublime, without a doubt. Blue Man Group is pretty tryppy. Anything I really feel like at the time.
  9. ben harper, jack johnson, the beatles and cat stevens are good when stoned
  10. lately when i'm high i've been listening to busdriver and radioinactive's 'The Weather'. it's such a trippy album if you're into underground hiphop.
  11. About a week ago found this sick song called Chucumba by Shpongle...Watch it under Winamp with the visuals its great
  12. i think that whole "trey and dave go to africa" thing was pretty gay.

    Trey: "we come here as 'students." what was the point of that anyway. trey can definitely school them in solos and whatnot, but i will say they know rhythm and shit in africa better.

    anyway to answer this:

    muse, howie day, damien rice, elliot smith, franz ferdinand, the strokes, maroon 5, counting crows, the frames, parkview.

    i have a pretty eclectic music taste.
  13. I like to listen to The Mars Volta, Norma Jean, Mindless Self Condulgence, Akimbo, Etc.
  14. you mean mindless self indulgence don't you?

    my bro met them.
  15. pink floyd, primus, anything else les claypool has done, ween, the doors, beatles, mixes of 60's psyhedelic rock too.
  16. dj screw, triple 6 mafia (what you know about that underground three 6), ill bill, bob marley
  17. bone thugs n harmony are great for weed....get stoned and pop in almost anything by them in a good system or headphones...i guarentee u will enjoy it, whether u like rap or not...
  18. 90's rock like the music on the clerks soundtrack.
  19. Soul Asylum rules.
  20. Pink Floyd. Amazing band, deff my number once choice.

    Some Zeppelin, Marely, and Tom Petty.

    Throw in some afroman when you wanna just kick back, laugh, and sing along with some freinds.

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