so you're laying in bed one night when...

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  1. you hear glass shattering outside.

    you go outside to find your car key'd up to the extreme, all ur tires flat, and all ur windows smashed out.

    assuming you seen or know who did it....

    what do you do?

    i ask cuz this just happened to my friend and he's screaming revenge. wondering what the folks at GC would do (please THINK before you answer...dont lie and be like, "id murder those fools" cuz no you wouldnt. )
  2. If I know who did it, will return the favor with a flavor.
  3. Honestly, I would get drunk and fuck up someones the extreme
  4. Depends on what kinda person you are. If that shit happened to me I would probably end up finding out who did it and break their legs with a baseball bat, lol.
  5. rob them.

    edit: then fuck their sister
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    Lol go take all the oil out of their car. They wont know you did anything but if thy drive it the engine will seize... :) losts of cash to repair that plus they dont know wtf happened so u cpuld still sue them for what they did to your car
  7. Honestly, becuz I'm in love wit my car, I'd probably do the same to their car and jump them. Hell, I'd light their car on fire. I car, I would be extremely pissed off. I'd teach them how it feels to take a bat to the kneecap.
  8. Call the police.
  9. btw my friend suspects it was one of his ex's (female) and possibly her BF is involved.

    idk as i wasnt there but says shes for sure behind it and possibly the new BF.

    idk what all this is about either...didnt get anymore out of him at this point. hes currently getting his windows/tires repaired. since its a girl i dont think he's gonna jump her haha. he's not the type to hit a woman. well either am i...justsaying.
  10. beat the living shit out of the new bf, and destroy windows, tires, headlights on BOTH of there cars :hello:
  11. If i knew who did it, hell if i didnt know who did it i would just assume its someone i dislike. But if i knew who did it i would honestly break 1 window on their car and melt their tires to their driveway. If you didnt get what i meant, i would burn their car. You mess with a Minnesotans truck you best be ready to get fucked up.
  12. Honestly i would just wait till they go some where semi far from home then destroy their car so they can get back. Go into their house take enough shit to pay for ur repairs and go on your way.

    Flood their house one day.. Smash a window and put their hose in it.
  13. sometihng stupid that would end up with me serving atleast a year of jail time

  14. lol thats what he's thinking.

    originally he told me he called the cops...they came out...took a report but said they couldnt do anything since he didnt have proof. :-/

    so he said he wants to let things cool off for a few days/week or two then get them by surprise.

  15. If I knew who did it, I'd probably toss a brick through their bedroom window.
  16. Well, let me break down my response into a few steps:

    1. Locate bowl and baggie
    2. Take contents of baggie and break them up
    3. Pack broken up baggie contents into bowl
    4. Smoke bowl
    5. Repeat
    6. Repeat
    7. Repeat
    8. Repeat
    9. Forget why I was mad in the first place
    10. Repair vehicle, forgive those who did it to me, because they probably need it most
    11. Smoke bowl
    12. Repeat
  17. It really sucks that your friend couldn't prove who it was. Nothing would have made me feel better than having the same guy that trashed my car, pay to have it completely fixed.
  18. i would find them
  19. well since you know/saw who did it i would call the police or atleast file a police report and give them something to do instead of messing with us stoners. retaliation is only going to leave to more retaliation which may end up in them calling the police on YOU and YOU getting in trouble.

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