So you're an atheist?

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    I use to be religious when I was a little kid. I grew older and I began to think differently and I came to the conclusion that there is no God. I thought that it was very foolish to believe in something when there is no proof of it. It seemed narrow minded....
    But...then again, claiming that there is no God is also just as narrow minded. Personally I don't believe there is a God that controls what happens when we die by determining if we were good enough in our lives. fuck that shit. But to deny the possibility of a creator is, well, ignorant. Sure we have an explanation for how the universe got here, but how long until that theory is disproven and replaced with a theory that may have a little bit more evidence, or one that makes a little more sense? The truth is, we live in a place so big, it's hard to say we exist at all. Even if there is a creator, I doubt it knows of our existence.
  2. I think it's all about your childhood and exposure to beliefs, my parents never went to church so I neither did I thus it's way less likely that I'll be a Christian in comparison with someone who went to church as a kid.
  3. Our personality depends on the environment we grew up in, unless you see through the bullshit like me.
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    Being an Atheist can be as simple as the word''s meaning: Non-theist, somebody that does not believe the Bible was inspired by a god, or gods. Nobody knows how everything began - but atheists are honest and upfront about it, although they frequently are accused of being know-it-alls due to their skepticism regarding supernatural explanations. It is religionists who think they know the truth, and they often resent it when an Atheist refutes, or is critical of, their belief systems.:hello:
  5. We believe everything as kids but since many things are a complete mystery and not even explainable no matter how many theories we come up with humanly possible.
    I choose to be agnostic because there has to be a higher power.

    ....then again all of this can just be because we are bored and decided to make all of this up with much energy and creativity that's ridiculously believable....
  6. Claiming there is no God is definitely not narrow minded, it's logical. I don't believe something unless there's proof of it. I'm open to the idea of their being a God, but until I see any shred of evidence, I'm gonna go ahead and stay an atheist.
  7. Based on what you said here, I'm guessing that you don't believe in a god, which means that you are an atheist.

    "But to deny the possibility of a creator is, well, ignorant."

    So, what evidence do you have that a creator is a mere possibility? If it is because there's stuff about the universe that we don't know, then you'd be making the argument from ignorance fallacy.
  8. I just question everything and anything. I'm not an atheist but we must have got here somehow. But that doesn't mean we had to be "created". I respect your belief and all, it's just when people try to force it on kids and in schools,etc. Separation of church and state (although that's long gone now). Here's a pic that I hope will lighten this thread up :D

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    Nice! Hahaha!
  10. I'm an atheist, after being brought up catholic and Buddhist I have come to the conclusion that religion was created to keep order and control the mass population. Without hope what would have all those people done in hard times? There has been alot of corruption, and religion was in my opinion just created to live by a set of morals and ethics, which I can agree with but in the end would rather not be devoting my time and personal thoughts to a false deity. Science is clear
  11. I'm an Atheist too. I don't like religions.
  12. I think I am now.

    I've never had a full-fledge reason to deny a God or any scripture(s) regarding one... until tonight.

    This is the straw that broke my camels back.

  13. Sometimes I feel like an Atheist, and other nights I cry out to no religion though. I never liked the whole tell me what to think or believe when I don't want to or especially without proof.
  14. How is it ignorant to not believe in god? In my life, I have literally seen more evidence of santa and the tooth fairy than any kind of creator. When I was a kid, every christmas eve, I would leave out milk and cookies for santa, and carrots for his reindeer. Every christmas, the glass was empty, the cookies and carrots were gone, and a bunch of presents were under the tree that weren't there the night before. Every time I lost a tooth, I put it under my pillow, and the next morning, I would find a dollar. Am I ignorant for not believing in them, considering all of this overwhelming evidence I'm ignoring?
  15. Funny thing about that historically the Israelites where known for their good treatment of slaves! Good treatment of slaves:rolleyes:
  16. [ame=]YouTube - Science Saved My Soul.[/ame]

    ^ Win.

    There are good people who do good things, there are bad people who do bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.
  17. Most atheists don't deny the possibility of god(s) existing, we just don't believe any god(s) exist... there is a distinction. A more technical description for us would be agnostic atheists. This might help.


    For what it's worth, I think agnostic atheism is the most logical default position. Since there is no evidence of any god(s), we shouldn't have blind faith in one. But since the possibility of god(s) existing can't be ruled out, we shouldn't call ourselves gnostic atheists. Hope this helps.
  18. The idea of a "higher being" in my eyes is ridiculous.

    Whenever I run into mouthy die hard religious people, I just ask them this:

    If God is almighty, and can do ANYTHING, can he create a stone he cannot lift?

    If he can, his inability to lift means he is imperfect.

    If he cannot, his inability to create anything means he is imperfect.

    Furthermore, for a perfect being to create such an imperfect being (humans), does that not make the supposed creator imperfect as well?

    It's old world knowledge, I take religion as seriously as when people thought the world was flat.
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    Well I see your point and I agree. But my grandparents are overly religious(when I was little I couldn't watch scooby doo or pokemon or any thig cus is got monsters in it and that's not Christian) and so my parent always took me to church but by the time I was ohhh, 15? I started viewing thing different and I do not deny gods existence because you can't prove he's fake, but I dont acknowledge his existence cus you can't prove he's real either... So idk Either way I do not follow the bible.
  20. I'm a atheist that's because i didn't grew up learning about religion and when i had the chance i really wasn't interested because i thought it was fake

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