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So your mom walks in while your milking your bong....

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Saca La, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Do you clear it?

    Serious answers here. :smoking:
  2. Yes then I'd pass it to her and she'd take a hit
  3. Why wouldn't I clear it, it'll get stale if I don't. Whatever she had to ask me can wait 5 seconds. I'd offer her a hit, but she prefers joints, so wouldn't really be worth asking

    Then I'd ask her how she picked my lock in my room. Fuckin creepy.
  4. I would get a spanking
  5. yes, but it wouldn't be an obvious clear.
    it'd be like oh shit, i know she's in here. (CLEAR) o h hey ma didn't see yuh.
    she knows i blaze. she just hated it, and still doesn't like it.

  6. ...go on.
  7. she'd spank him, then suck him off. and have sex.
  8. The flavor of this thread changed quickly.
  9. [quote name='"Purple Dream"']

    she'd spank him, then suck him off. and have sex.[/quote]

    Go back....
  10. Obviously lol, my parents are the type of parents that would instantly take away my bong and/or weed.. i wouldn't just milk i'd try to take a few extra hits before it gets taken away hehe... Good thing i don't needa worry about that anymore :)
  11. She'd be pissed for about ten minutes, then I'd make some food and she'd be fine.
  12. Is your mom a hungry woman?

  13. Even I felt like saying something suggestive and inappropriate for a second there. :p

    I'm with Sheldon, if my mother walked in while I was taking a bong hit, assuming she knocked first and someone answered and unlocked the door.... my mom isn't quite as adept with lock-picking as Sheldon's, but she DID install her own printer last year, so who can tell.... I'd clear it first, then offer her a hit, and most likely pack something she could manage more easily. Big bongs are a bit much for her these days. :)

    I've given pretty much my whole family brownies, bongs, bubblers, and baggies of home grown over the years, mainly for Christmas, different festivities and birthdays. :D
  14. Well she wouldnt because she would knock first and then id say hold up and finish, exhale and then open the door and be like was good

    Either way she, my dad, and one brother knows i smoke weed, often. lol my dad and brother smoke too, so its not a big deal.... mom and dad know i got the bongs, dad has ripped 2 of them lol

  15. I usually have a hard time restraining myself when an inappropriate comment could be made. :p

    Hahaha, in all fairness, it's a bedroom lock, so all she'd have to do is hit the release with a paper clip. But, she barely knows how to turn our printer on, so I think she might not be aware of this ;)

    Boy do I wish I was in your family. I'm usually the one making my mom stuff, not the other way around.

    although my dad does hook me up with good bud :D
  16. First I'd wonder how she got halfway across the country, then I'd probably clear it and hold it in for as long as I could. Then she would probably start going nuts about me "becoming a drug addict" and other outrageous shit. I hate everyone who gets to smoke with their parents. They both know I smoke, but I just don't do it around them to avoid the bitching.
  17. you guys are crazy. I probably would be in shock lol
  18. Sorry that was too my mom
  19. Your family honestly sounds amazing!

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