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So you want to hear a great story?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by superflyfelix, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. So right now i am living in denmark and going to school here( Before i lived in Chicago). and here in denmark hash is easier to get than weed. i personaly do not like hash that much so i try very hard to ghet some weed here (which is amazing) but anyways here is my story.

    Since i am going to culinary school i have been baking special goods for about 6 months now. And lets just say that i have gotten very good. So one wekend i made some chocolate chocolate hash cookies using the cannabuter method. These were some bomb ass cookies. How ever the recipe made a lot of cookies and since i just moved here i dont have that many freiends to sare them with. so i ate a bunch myself and gave a few away but most of them were just left under my bed in a box. now being a heavy smoker my memory is kinda bad (i wonder why) but it has always been bad. so the other day my mom was cleaning my rooom and then she found the cookies! and she was like" when i was cleaning your room i found these cookies and i want to know the story about them." I was kinda freakin out but i am good at lying on the spot. "those were made for my class at school," i told here "i didnt want you guys eating them because i know you would eat them all." and she was like ok yea that kinda makes sense. so she drove me to the rain station and was like" when i found those cookies i thought they were hashish cookies or somthing so i didnt even dare to eat one, and im sorry i didnt trust you." so yea i kinda felt bad for lying but hey i got away with it. After school howecer i looked at my phone and there were several messages all saying CALL ME ... NOW!! so i alled my mom and she was like "Were you telling the truth about those cookies?" "Ahhh no. there was a bit of weed in them." and then she was flipping out. and i was like wats wrong? "You SAID THERE WAS NOTHING IN THEM!!!" apperently she was rempted by my cookies and ate some! and she was at work! she said that she was having trouble talking to customers (she is a shoe sales woman) and that there mouthes were all messed up and she was all wacked out (her words not mine). so when she came home i thoght i was going to bitched out for ever but itr turned out she thought it was kinda funny so i didnt even get in any trouble!:hello: so the moral of the story? dont take cookies from the cookie jar with out permision!
  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaahahahahahahahahaha
  3. thats some funny shit
  4. fucking classic lol
  5. Nice story!
  6. Hahahahahaha.....hahahahahaha!!!!!
  7. thats awesome, i woulda been like. Ya sorry mom... sooo uhhh u kinda owe me 20 dollars for those cookies.
  8. Hilarious stuff... That sounds really cool about Denmark though, being there I mean.
  9. Lol! Thats awsome, id go with the vibe and ask her if she wanted to get high some other time (not at work). Myabe then youd have an awesome new smokin buddy.
  11. wait....your mom moved with you when you went to school? Or you brought the cookies back with you to chicago? Or this whole story is duck tales?

    It is pretty funny tho.
  12. can't make such a good story is funny how she even called you out on them being hash cookies, most parents wouldn't even figure that....nice stroy dude.
  13. That is fan-fucking-tastic!
  14. Thanks man, good story!
  15. lol it would have been funnier if she gave some to the customers. She could have gotten arrested tho. Funny story
  16. Can't any one comprehend the magic of the real life storis section, and what wonder and mysterys it holds?
  17. i agree with you, on a seperate note that was a classic story
  18. My mom is the most up-tight person about weed. When I was younger (before i started smoking) she told me if she ever caught me smoking she'd ground me for a year and she completely meant it. Now i'm just scared to shit of her finding out.

    So i've always been tempted to make some sort of weed baked good and not tell her and let her eat it.

    You know, one of those people who hates weed but needs to chill out and smoke some.
  19. hah thats funny shit man, you should make her a batch for christmas.

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