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So you think you have a clue?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by MLJ, Jun 18, 2011.

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    Okay kiddies, sometime next week the second flotilla will embark on it's mission to break the barracade to Gaza. It's likely to start a chain of events that will forever change our world. To understand what's happening you have to look at the past...and the present...most of you have no clue of the history of said events, so I did a little research and for your entertainment and education....

    Why were sanctions imposed on Gaza?
    In 2006 Hamas won the Palestinian legislative election and quickly took over Gaza.
    By the six month mark in 2008, over 2300 missles were fired from the Palestinians into Israel.


    Why would Hamas do that? Well if you read the Creed of Hamas, you will see that the destruction of Israel is part of it's charter. BTW, for those of you that think the Muslim Brotherhood has nothing to do with Hamas, they do...it's in their charter...but don't believe me read it for yourself:

    what is the creed of hamas? - Ask.com Search

    It's long winded but someone has highlighted the interesting stuff for you.

    Okay, so Hamas, following their own charter tries to wipe Israel off the face of the map. Where are these missles coming from...well ships coming through that waterway would be a good guess...YA THINK?
    So Egypt starts getting worried that Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood will try to take over THEIR government (who woulda saw THAT coming) and agreed to help enforce the blockade to Gaza.
    In June of 2008 as a result of Israel fighting back and it's new alliance with Egypt, Hamas backs off and agrees to a cease fire. Which they renigged on shortly thereafter.
    Now, ships weren't only carrying missles, they were carrying food and medical supplies to the poor Palestinians who were caught in the crossfire of Hamas' attacks on Israel. Now all those bombs also destroyed housing and building supplies were on those ships as well.
    So the Palestinians, and the world, instead of being pissed at Hamas who caused the issue to begin with, blame Israel...shocker. Does Hamas leave Gaza so that they will lift the blockade and the people will get relief...I don't think so.
    So now with Egypt overthrown with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt withdraws it's support on the blockade...(who woulda saw THAT comin).

    Oh wait it gets SO much better...
    So now the Freedom Flotilla II is going to set sail for Gaza and has told everyone they are gonna storm the blockade. Code Pink is a big part of this, they have a cutesy little site...it's all pink...all about moms against war, but you don't have to do much searching to see that they are pro-hamas and they are supported BY hamas.

    CODEPINK : About Us
    Code Pink
    Code Pink: Obama, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood Ally Raising (Tax Exempt) Money to Overthrow Egypt Gov’ta

    I know, I know...you're sayin so THAT'S IT? no, it gets better still...
    This time the Freedom Flotilla II will have company. Another ship by the name of Audacity of Hope.
    Wait a minute, I've heard that name before....

    The Audacity of Hope Summary at WikiSummaries, free book summaries

    It's the title of that Obama book....but Obama would have nothing to do with this boat...who did?

    Some guy named Rashid Khalidi, but he's just a professor of arab studies at Columbia, he has nothing to do with Obama...oops...my bad.

    Rashid Khalidi Obama | Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Obama - Los Angeles Times

    And now Obama gives Israel 30 days to go back to the 1967 borders...

    Oh and were did that term the Audacity of Hope come from?

    Our favorite former minister to Obama...Jeramiah Wright!

    Okay, Obama knows some people that have leftist politics, but it's not like he hangs out with terrorists right? YA THINK?

    YouTube - ‪Obama's terrorist connections - William Ayers‬‏

    This guy has been quoted "Kill all the rich, kill your parents", his girlfriend died when the bomb that HE helped make (they found his fingerprints on it) to blow up at a military dance at Fort Dix, unexpectedly blew up in her face. After ten years on the run, he is walking around a free man cause of a legal glitch...and he's off scott free...because of the system that he pronounces his hate for...how ironic is THAT? This guy has blown up building, killed cops and innocent people and now he's a professor, teaching our children. Do a youtube search on this guy, you won't believe what you hear and see. Oh, and of course he believes in a socialist society, that's why the Weather Underground tried to destroy America...to start a socialist society.

    And THIS is just the small stuff, the stuff that ANYONE can easily access the info to.

    So tell me? Did ya have a clue?

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