So you probably had to be there, but...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by qwerrtymnbvcz, May 31, 2009.

  1. ...I'm gonna tell the story anyway.

    So my dad is giving me a ride home from work. We pull into the driveway, when we notice some random car sitting there. So we're both like is this car doing here??

    After a bit of speculating, we decide some random asshole decided to park in our driveway. So then I decide we should egg it. Of course, he laughed it off, but just as we're about to go into the house, he turns around and says "you wanna?"

    So we go inside, seriously about to grab the eggs and go egg this car, when we see my uncle walking through the kitchen on his way to bed. We both completely forgot he was visiting.

    If we had been 5 minutes later, he would've gone to bed and we would've ended up egging his car to start off his "nice family visit".

  2. haha, it made me laugh a bit, but i'm prettay toasted.

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