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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MoW, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. I had always used Florecent growlights for my veggy mode growing. I kepy increasing my flower Mode's with HPS till i had extra HPS. I moved one 150 Watt HPS into the Veggy area and it's liek night and day..truely very big difference.

    So if it comes to a choice don't think about it..go with HPS in both areas...I understand Metal Halide is best for Veggy areas but HPS does a fine job.

    I'm sorry i am too tired for pictures this time round....but will get some up soon.
  2. i use both mh and hps just hps makes them stretch tooooo much. Youll get a much bigger yeild with both
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  4. I think I am on the right track now...last grow.
    The yeaild i got was rather poor.
    Had maybe 10 plants and got maybe 3/4 oz of good bud and 1/2 or so of so so.
    Didn;t have enought light for all the plants so they all suffered. I did get one to POP nicely and am waiting for the buds to fully develop.

    They only name I can give the plant type is MOWSkinnies.

    The only thing that grows on them is the buds all the leafs either brwoned to death or fell into my bowl while I was waiting.

    Things shoudl get better now. I can see now why the the guys in the "Know" tell us not to expect too much from the first grow cause we will learn from our mistakes. But the best part about it is we get to try again and again, till one day we will get it right.

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