So you have a shit computer and can't play games? Onlive!

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    Thought I would toss this out here for anyone that has a bleh computer that can't keep up with todays games. The idea is streaming gaming and it works flawlessly.

    You can play free trials of each game for 30 minutes (no sign up fee or anything) to see what you think about it, for 10 dollars a month you get access to all their play pack games(250+ games) and 30% off any purchases you make.

    They have a few good holiday sales going on Darksiders 2 is only 25 bucks right now or somewhere around there.

    I got the play pack to test it out and its very cool, I think the play packs worth the 10 a month if you intend on buying games for the 30% discount. (the play pack has some good games Metro 2033 and Bioshock are what I've been playing.)

    By the way did I mention you can run this on smart phones and smart pad devices its pretty bad ass to load up some darksiders 2 on your android phone and have it run flawlessly!

  2. They can't be the same games as you buy in a shop, cause the reason games need a certain cpu and ram and all that shit is because it needs to process a certain amount of information at a certain speed. So if youre streaming a game from the internet like a old school flashgame it can only process as much information as the speed of your internet like 500kb/s where a game like darksiders 2 running of a pc that can handle it would be processing information going way faster.

    If anyone knows how these games actually work let me know im interested.
  3. If your interested a quick google search will net you an explanation But yes you do Stream the game.....

    How does OnLive work? | How It Works Magazine

    OnLive is a cloud gaming service available in the United Kingdom and United States. It allows its users to directly stream games – be that single or multiplayer – directly and on-demand to their computer, television, laptop or tablet. This, in contrast to traditional digital stores such as Steam and Origin, enables games to be played without downloading any data files to a local computing device. In addition, due to data and processing power handled almost entirely from a remote machine, local devices can be barebones setups, acting really as just audio/visual access portals.

    OnLive works, in essence, like a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) system. VNCs are graphical sharing systems that utilise an RFB (remote framebuffer) protocol to remotely control another computer. This allows the actions of the remote computer to be dictated through the local machine, with all keyboard, mouse and gamepad actions transmitted along with the graphical screen. So, in OnLive’s system, a thin client (the service’s interactive menu) is used by the user to select, stream and control content that is stored and processed in large remote data centres on their own devices.
  4. Uk n us have broadband networks ey?
  5. It's like having your mouse/keyboard/monitor connected to another system via remote connection.
  6. i really didnt feel like reading fucking pages on it. good summary haha sounds cool though.
  7. ^^Yep Fluffy a lot like that you can adjust all settings for the games except the graphics settings which are normally pumped to max on most of the games, playing Metro2033 on my crap computer without lag is awesome.:smoking:

    Not sure if this is a real question, attempt at humor or trolling but yes.....US and UK have Broadband. My 20mb line has no problem streaming games. Like I said its free trials so if you doubt your line is fast enough to stream it give it a shot (If your connections too weak it will tell you)

    I just wanted to spread the word to the blades, more people playing on it the more support it has, then more gaming company's that are going to start putting their games on there for people to play. They have a good selection so far but I would like to see some more big name titles.

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