So you dont think growing will work...

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  1. neither did I but its week 4 and I got 6 plants lookin like this!!!

    AH I LOVE IT!!!!!!


  2. Congrats man! You think they're getting enough sunlight?
  3. Yeah I have 4, four foot 40watt plant florecents over top and two 100w CFLs on the sides and hanging above but inbetween the two sets of 4 foot florecents I have a heat lamp for obvious reasons. HOPEFULLY should be perfect :)
  4. whats with the bamboo sticks? trying to make it stand up? means the stem is too weak, you need some air bristling the plants to force them to strenghten their stems.
  5. and if you add more light they will grow much faster, and tighter node spacing......imo.
  6. Yeah I have a fan, someone told me before I started it would def help. the bamboo sticks are from when they were just babies :) haha just never took um out.. but I am gonna increase the light just need to run to the Home Depot, maybe even bed bath and beyond....idk if i will have time tho? hahahhahha old school= classic
  7. Don't want to be a buzz kill, But Get your babies more LIGHT.

    Picture of my girl at 4 weeks.

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