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Discussion in 'General' started by da_sAUCE!, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Passed my final server test today at Texas Land and Cattle here in Houston so tomorrow I can start makin' money.

    Most servers there clear 400 a week easy so yeah, life's great.
  2. congrats man. wtf is texas land and cattle?
  3. Hell yeah, texas land and cattle is the shit. What's up with that grasscity discount I hear they got going around there??? :p
  4. niiiice, thats decent pay
  5. nice man.... I'm lookin to get a job as a server.... but I don't have a car :(
  6. thats probably average, i was a bus boy at a fancy resturant when i was 16, an the servers would clear around 120-160 in cash
  7. yeah this isn't "fine dining". It's a casual, family steakhouse, average entree costing around $20.


    It's a great atmosphere and I endorse the food fully. Grasscity discount: free dessert.

    that's all I can do for ya.
  8. oh ok, yea i worked at ihop last year as a server for a few months... will never do it again lol, i think averaged out i made like only 7 or 8 an hour with my tips i was so bad, im a big dude who cant remember shit so i never got a big tip... fuck ihop and that bitch ass manager mark if your reading this on GC you can suck my balls mark you douche
  9. i went to texas land and cattle a few months ago, the food there is amazingly good
  10. $20 a plate will earn you mad money.. just upsell your liquor and drinks and you're made.

    I'm Canadian so $400 a week sounds like bullshit money. $500 a week here is bullshit money.
  11. Well, C servers there pull around 400 a week. You start as a C server. Then B, then A. C's can't work friday or saturday nights and only have 2 table sections. B's can work any shifts but they don't get priority on the best shifts. A's are the tops and they are generally good servers. I used to work at another restaurant, Pappadeaux. Their training is a month long and I was made into a pretty damn good server. The guy who scored my "skill-out" (I waited on a manager), said I was the best he's seen in a while, so I should be up there soon.

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