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So why do YOU smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sad Panda, Nov 3, 2003.



  1. Self-exploration

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  2. Spiritual journey

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  3. Anti-depressant

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  4. I dunno. It's just fun.

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  1. Everyone seems to have different reasons for why they smoke grass. What's yours?
  2. Anti-depressant, even though I've never really thought about it quite that way. It does make me happy.
  3. I smoke for a spiritual journey... and to enhance creativity and stuff like that. Attached to every stupid idea one comes up with high, there is another great idea.
  4. ...To Get High....
  5. the same as highgirly, i smoke because i like to toke, simple.
  6. you forgot one: I don't :(
  7. I smokw for self exploration, spiritual journey, and to be creative. but then again, someitmes i just smoke to escape and get hight =)
  8. Medical reasons......
  9. I smoke to get high. I like the feeling of being high. It dosn't help me explore my inner self, dosn't do anything positive except provide a feeling that I enjoy. Also, I enjoy the act of smoking in itself, along with the act of scoring some good bud or a new piece.
  10. all four, all four
  11. Hey Wang? what you mean you dont smoke man? you quit? if you did why?
  12. kuz life sucks
  13. Lots of reason why I smoke.....

    -To fall asleep
    -Just to relax
    -Have fun

    But the #1 reason I smoke is:

    I LOVE WEED!! with all the money I spend on it, I better freaking love it!!
  14. I would have to say all four and then some. I enjoy everything there is about smoking. Even the smoking process is incredibly relaxing, even before you are high.
  15. Yeah the reason i smoke is to releave stress.. just nice to chill with a joint and forget about crap...
  16. I love everything about weed.. the smell the taste the feeling the way i can think through any problem with pure me thoughtness...if weed was a woman i'd fuck it .i FREAKING LOVE WEED!
  17. quit 3 months and 10 days ago. Well, again 10 days ago I felt I had a safe period to smoke. My parents found out I smoke and kicked me out of the house. When I got back in they said they were going to randomly test me and if I tested positive I get kicked out for good and they won't give me any more college money. So, I'm doing what I have to for now.
  18. InferiorWang? I won't ask!

    But I know a little about what you're talking about. Living with the 'rents when you're in school! I couldn't wait to get out. Not that I don't love my mom and pop... I really do love them both. It was just such a wet noodle trip catching a ride to the campus with my dad when he went to work. No autonomy whatsoever! My schedule was his schedule. But I found a job and moved into town just a few blocks away from the university. And this girl's 'ships came in big time! Scholarships, that is!

    Back to the question: why do I smoke? It's the best party favor! I don't like getting likkered up very often. I don't always remember things, ya' know? Not good. Not for this bad girl! So, I get tokered instead. That way I don't do stupid stuff I don't remember and I don't wake up with a gawd-awful hangover! And taking a few hits beforehand makes movin' to the music soooooo much better!
  19. I love every aspect. I do it to relax. I do it because I'm huge into art and music. Listening to music is like a nonstop orgasm. I smoke for the spiritual journey and self discovery. You make connections and discoveries that you normally wouldn't make. It brings smokers together. I love going out to my spot in the desert at night. It's nice, cool, and breezy. You can see all the stars. I take a blanket, food, my maroon chinese lantern, my india temple inscence, close friends, and smoking stuff. We sit, eat food, look at the stars, meditate, listen to music, philosophise, and just relax. In such a fast paced American lifestyle it's important to find moments on zen. Smoking is it.
  20. I smoke so I can become stoned..... :D

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