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So, who's going to the Boston HempFest?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DankMedical, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. I hope to see a large amount of the GC :gc_rocks: community there :smoke:

    So, who's going?
  2. Are you from boston or north carolina?
  3. I'll be there, driving up from the 401!!!
  4. wtf since when is there one?
  5. I think this is the 4th or 5th year bro.

  6. someone needs to start advertising that shit then.
  7. They had a big ad in Hightimes last month, I've seen a couple things online but not much. You're completely right, I just don't think they have the funds to have a big advertising campaign.

  8. It's the 20th year anniversy and @BeanTown I live an hour north of Boston in New hampshire.
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    oh shit thats mad close to my home town
    but damn might make some edibles and do a roadtrip, see some old friends

  10. Wheres your hometown?

  11. Brookline nh

  12. Shit dude thats crazy, I live 5 minutes from brookline in milford.

  13. thats where my dealer used to live , mad convenient
  14. they dont need to advertise. a million people show up every year anyway. they also do it all over the country. just had one in Seattle

    Amherst has one every year too and has for many years

  15. There were 50k in attendance last year, that's no where near a million lol...

  16. when I said a million i was refering to a shit ton of people. Its almost shoulder to shoulder all around the common
  17. im quite north of Boston.Right near Haverhill Ma. Anyone wanna give me a ride,Ill throw in some money
  18. I'm going, but my connect moved out of state..hopefully i run into some bud before this weekend
  19. me and a friend are taking a road trip there. how chill is it? i plan on rolling about 10 joints. do cops ever bust people?

  20. Mass has decriminalized possession of under an OZ of weed, you'll just get $100 fine if anything.

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