So whos done Jenkem

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by afgooey, May 25, 2009.

  1. butthash,pickwick, w/e u call it

    ive never done it but have any of u guys be honest im curious

    ive heard it makes u hallucinate past memories and shit
  2. No one would ever admit to trying it, its inhaling your own shit/piss....
  3. Bored and speedin, eh?
  4. haha u know it dog. wat r u up to tonight?
  5. Chillin, some friends are probably coming through in a bit and we'll probably do some cocaine :D :smoking:.
  6. I do it on occaison. I use an exqual amount of feces and urine, by weight though so they'res more volume of urine. I find that when you use more feces it just makes it taste like shit.

  7. Really?

  8. i wish i could obtain/afford some good yay. closet ive gotten is smoking some shitty crack
  9. Yeah man go try it

    But really, dont.
  10. Yeah, its cool. Psychs are the best. Besides herb of course.
  11. word for psychs! acid was the best thing ive done by far made my normal school day a fuckin journey ended up pushing some kid out of his desk because i thought he was fucking with my jacket, was quite a spectacle becuase at the time i went to a community day school with one classroom and 20 people and half knew i was fryin. teacher didnt do shit tho cause im usually quiet and she respected that i stood up for myself after i explained it to her. after that my trip was good all the way

    and if u include all the categories herb is the best for all around, decent price and u can do it all the time without neg effects major plus imo
  12. serious? whats the high like im curious erowid doesnt seem to be a good site for jenkem lol
    +rep is in order if u give me a high report
  13. Haha, you're aware that it was a huge hoax, right?

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