So who uses $30-$50 bongs?

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  1. I don't have a bong; I'm a blunt man all the way. But the blunts are getting pricey so I'm thinking of picking up a cheap bong. Does anyone use a fairly cheap one? I was in my local headshop and there are some pretty good looking bongs for like $40. I mean they don't have any of the fancy stuff but they are a pretty good size.

    What do you guys think? Worth it or no?
  2. How the hell should we know dude i cant see what they look like. Just go for it, its only 40 bucks
  3. I would personally spend more than $80 on a bong just b/c the base,colors,downstem get alot better
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    i paid 20 for my bong cause my friend is the man, got his 180 dollar 3ft beaker 5mm ADS cause he got a huge paycheck and bought himself a US tubes.

    edit: in a better answer to your question, id recommend the joint on your bong be glass on glass, not the one with a rubber grommet. and nothing to huge, they get old after a while, trust me.
  5. well i have a cool 30 or 40 dollar bong,but the slider broke during my sisters hit.but ,just bought a new 1 for 6 bucks ,so it's not that bad,but then my step dad found it and broke the a fag...fuck that foo..but it did get me very high.i would go for it if i was you.:bongin:
  6. i have a mini bong its like 9 inches and it wa sonly 25
  7. Get a glass pipe instead.

  8. Bong with get you way more higher...Go for the Bong:bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin:
  9. @DTownToker...smoke some weed man. I'm not asking for rock solid answers, just bored before class and figured I'd throw a question out there. Chill.

    Also I already have a smallish pipe for emergencies so I think I'm going with the bong haha.
  10. hahaha my bad man. Im about to. Its just i see all these threads asking for input for purchases, which is completely fine, its just i have no idea what kind of bongs your headshop has.

    If you have the money i would get a top notch bong, from a refutable company, but if not than yea why not dude go for it, post some pics on here after you get it
  11. I use a 35.00 bong and it works great, the downstem has broken twice but they are only a few dollars to replace. Just make sure it's glass, fuck plastic.
  12. just get a small glass-on-glass piece. believe me you will thank yourself every day that you didnt get the 'good sized' one.
  13. i used to use a 20 dollar bong. it was great quality shit (thick glass, the 'bubble' of the chamber about a 6 inch diameter sphere, 2 feet high), but some idiot put it in the freezer before dumping the water and the downstem cracked. *tear*

    leaving right now to go get another smallish bong
  14. My first bong I purchased for 45 bucks. Its by far my favorite, I'll get a picture of it when I get it back from mah freen.
  15. Spending money to get a better bong is worth every penny you pay for it. I used to be a joint person when I had a 40 dollar bong. I spent a tax refund on a high quality piece, and now I almost exclusively smoke out of glass.
  16. Just get an acyrlic, mine cost 14, works great nothing special though

    mine was $40, TOTALLY worth it

    just dont break it or anything
  18. if you're looking to get out cheaper, go get a $20 acrylic. or spend a lil more on a nice softglass piece. or save your cash and get a glass on glass piece that will treat you great.
  19. I have a $30 acrylic bong, because I have broken every glass bong I have ever had...

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