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So. Who snuck off for a quick took before eating with the family?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kliff2004, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. So it was getting about time for the turkey and all the extra goodies when I decided to sneak out of the back of my grandma's kitchen. Brought a grinder filled with some bud, and a bowl.

    Chilled for a while in my Grandma's backyard, dropped some eye drops into my eyes, and proceeded to eat like a king.

    Anyone else enjoy their thanksgiving in a similar way?
  2. I wanted to, but I do not have eyedrops or a good reason to leave the house. I told my parents I was going to go for a walk, and they said that's cool we should all go together; so I told them I was joking about the walk. I still have it rolled.
  3. lol whenever me and my cousins are around we always burn for every holiday. Dosnt really matter though most of our family smokes too so usually we dont have to be too shady about it.

  4. yeah thats why I just walked off on my own at first. Cause the same thing happened to me too. But even later while on a walk with a bunch of people (none smoke), we were in a park and i just walked off far away for a minute lol and that worked just fine.

    dang thats fortunate.

    I have no one to smoke with, but I dont mind goin alone
  5. took a few bub hits before driving to my aunts
  6. Lol, smoked a spliff....but we didn't do Thanksgiving today since my sis has work till 9:00...we got Domino's instead...definitely one of the more awkward moments walking into domino's on thanksgiving just like "uh...2 mediums?" Tomorrow is the big feast and I will most certainly be sneaking out for a quick toke.
  7. Aha I was thinking about posting this exact same thread
  8. #8 steeeeeeeeez xx, Nov 25, 2011
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    Managed to eat an edible after dinner to be felt for desert.
  9. ^^ same tomorrow is when it goes down, and I can bet you being sober wont be part of the equation :D
  10. I definitely did. :smoke:
    Just said I was going for a walk. Came back with *****y eyes and a smile. Went straight for the Sweet Potato Pie.
  11. chief everyday, today was another day :smoke:
  12. Toked a bowl with my aunt and cousins before dinner. It was chill to say the least
  13. I grabbed a quick toke (bigger than I should of) of Lemon Diesel when I saw my cousin and friend waiting for me in car when i was coming back from walking my dog.

    As i was running out out of my place, I grabbed one of those cologne samples that come in the newspaper adds and rubbed it on my neck. I was in a bit of panic because I was running late, they were early. Fell asleep during the GB vs Det game.

    Had a great day being with family and friends for a Thanksgiving Feast. Enjoy it while you can, like is too fucking short.
  14. I wish I had a family that were smoke-friendly. Hell, I got shit from my aunt for bringing budweiser branded bbq sauce last family reunion. With so many extreme rights and plain ignorants in the family I just tend to stick with the "model eagle scout young man" role that I have been riding on for the last 20 years instead of the whatthefuckery role Id fit in better.
    SO as the food is just about to be ready and my younger family members are talking about how "retro" smash bros. on the gamecube was and the other end of the house with the older family members argue about who everyone should vote for to save america (Not that Im a huge Ron-Paulinite, I will probably end up voting for him but I thought i Would note that every other major runner was mentioned except him, lol) I realized I was agitated and slightly bored at the fucking holiday family fiasko that is "thanksgiving at grandmas" and depart on a mission, a mission to blaze. DUN DUN DUNNNN
    So I walk out to the car, grab my bud, only to notice that there is no way I can hit the pipe becouse there are young ones running about and Shit would hit the fan if one snuck up on me and asked why I smell like skunk while smoking a "cigarette". So I new I needed to think of a quick way to stealthily blaze. Luckily a friend left his pack of newports in my car from the night before and I use a pin to take out most of the tobacco in acigarrete and replace it with roughly ground up bud. Thanks to "taking a piss in the woods" and the remaining of the tobacco in the cig to cover up the smell along with a very light spray of cologne I manage to blaze in plain sight very stealthily.
    Next thing I know Im in the kitchen just in time to fix my plate, all of the women were talking about the twilight series (the most unfortunate part of that statement is that they all are over the age of 27) and the bro's of the family were watching green bay play so I did not even have to bother with acting sober in a conversation becouse everyone was already busy.
    Talk about a feast, next thing I know im on the roof of the "car shed" facing away from the house about a 100 yards from porch, with the hipsters-in-training "cool" cousins listening to some electronic dub step accoustic core crap to Take a deep breath and realize how awesome holidays can be. I hung out and shot the shit with the kids for 30 minutes and really got to relax. Though my brain hurt after the bad music and topics that followed, I ended up having a better time then I would of completly sober. ON a scale of one to 10 i was on a solid 4.5 Gah excuse the grammer. I got home and my girl called me and had a bottle of kill em dead :D

    Oh yeah, did I mention the food was tastey? *scrolls up* fuck I typed alot
  15. I didn't really plan for it, and I didn't even really want to, but my cousin and her friend went out for a cig and then pulled out a bowl and I'm not gonna say no

  16. good post :smoke:

    And i did not this year, no reason why though.....
  17. took bong rips with my dad and my stepmom before we had to head over to my aunt's for the ordeal
  18. Yeah lol, rolled a fatty of some blueberry and blew a joint on the hour drive on the way there. Worked out perfectly and nobody had any idea nor cared if they did, ate some heavenly food and got full as fuck. What an amazing Thanksgiving :smoke:

  19. Hah thanks, I didn't mean to type the whole story, I just have a habit of not being able to shut my mouth, so I guess it transfers over to the interwebs.

    Meh, I was not going to smoke originally, but that andouille dressing, smoked brisket, and mashed potatoes just smelled so good all I could think of was taking a little head change before the meal to make it that much better.
  20. usually always smoke a shit ton of bud but probation has fucked me over so no blazing this year. sucks too cuz i would of ripped my buddies 3 foot matrix before that bangin turkey.

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