So who likes smoking bud?

Discussion in 'General' started by Marsh7, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Not what kind bud; but, plain old bud.
    Hate that we distinguish ourselves from others by what we smoke. Because someone can afford/get access to 'better' strains.
    What's put in front of me, whether it be green, purple, orange, blue, so shiny my eyes melt, so 'crystally' that I cut my fingers, and stickier than the worlds best glue.... I'll have a go at it.

    /end rant,vent,random-thought
  2. Strains are nothing but pointless names to me if thats what you mean
  3. I like smoking pot if that is what you mean.
  4. It just depends on how potent your bud is. The THC level, color, smell, and texture all are prime factors in determining quality marijuana.
  5. Certainly not me. Anyone who smokes that devil's fruit is completely insane. Goddamn potheads. :p

    Seriously though, as long as it isn't that doody brown stuff I'll smoke it, if offered.
  6. I'm just tired of the 'rank' some of us give ourselves because some may buy a 'better' bud.
    It's still weed, we aim for a goal of being able to use it without concern, so why do we fight within our community over 'Who's got the better bud?'

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